Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, it's been real

I've never been great at doing "end-of-the-year" posts.
I always plan on doing a big "this-is-what-happened-this-year" post, but then this happens instead.
Right now i should be starting on preparing dinner, cleaning up the apartment and myself, but i can't not post... something. It has, after all, been quite a year.

There's been lots of drama, and lots of good times.
Mostly good times, i'd like to think.
We've traveled to the States, taken trips to the country, traveled to Japan, and to a few conventions too.
I've gotten big tattoos, small tattoos, geek tattoos, a temporary new face, and one weird haircut after the other.
We've had visits from friends from faraway places like Canada, Japan, other places in Canada, Germany and Østerbro.
We bought a new shop, we sold our old apartment, rearranged our current one, and bought a friggin car.
I got hit by a car, i reached my 1000th post on this blog, i moved my work area from the apartment to the shop, we helped my 93 year old grandfather move to a new apartment, and we geeked out. A lot.

I've tried to use my sometimes limited free time to get better at what i do. Both managing the shop, which is always my number one priority, but also creating something for myself, something i can be proud of and call my own. And while i didn't quite master Japanese this year, i did learn Hiragana and that's a start at least.
I've had a lot of setbacks, mentally and especially physically, but unlike my past-self, i am dealing with them all, and working actively on becoming a better, healthier, happier person in 2011.

Of course i'm hoping that 2011 will be less stressful than this year.
No one likes working around the clock for months, even if it is for a great cause, and no one likes getting hospitalized.
But not counting the moments, or months if you will, that stressed me the fuck out, i wouldn't mind if 2011 turned out like the year that's almost over.
Full of fun and interesting experiences, big ones as well as small, friends, family, and free time with Allan and Lucifer.
And maybe a new apartment?
What, a girl can dream, right?

It's blue, by the way, not black


  1. Your "Blue" looks sweet ! Happy new year, by the way !!! from Berni & me to you and Allen !

  2. how fancy you look! happy new year sweetie - looking forward to seeing you in 2011! :) x

  3. you look beautiful! Excited to see more in 2011. Happy New Year!

  4. Du er så friggin hawt mouse!! Og bedstes af alt: you're good people too! Hele pakken! Bum.
    Sjovt at kigge tilbage på dit år. Sikke et år. Dayum!
    Godt nytår!

  5. igl, happy new years to you guys too!!

    Katta Kvack, thank you so much, hope you had a happy new year too!

    samboy, well, it is the day for dressing fancy, right? Hope to see you soon!

    Vanessa, thanks, and thanks for sticking with me in 2010!

    Uncle Allan, pss, selv, sguda!

    Hella J, sikke et år indeed, og det var kun lige den overfladiske gennemgang. Pyha!

  6. woo woo! good times indeedy!! more to come this year!!