Thursday, May 13, 2010


Like i wrote in this post, Sunday was moving day.
What i didn't write was, that most of the stuff we moved that day was mine.
Yes, i finally moved my work space to the shop!*
I am now set up to make hats, or whatever, in the drawing room while i'm at work, which is perfect for those slow days (there used to be slow days, back when we weren't busy building a new shop) when i can't quite leave, but don't have much else to do.
I fully expect this to change my life for the better!

I spent all afternoon yesterday emptying boxes and making everything all nice and organized, and i think it's gonna be really great there, even Allan was a bit jealous!
My stuff, in a new room... weird...

I didn't bring everything of course, the sewing machine for example stayed at home.
And i need an extra pair of fabric scissors, but besides that i'm good to go!

* I don't know if i actually mentioned that i was gonna do that?
Probably not, i didn't wanna jinx it.


  1. how cute and organized!!! i want to tidy up my work space now!!! ;p

  2. I recommend moving half your stuff to a separate location, that seems to do the trick!

  3. So beautiful! Your space looks so nice- you've inspired me for my new apartment that I will be moving into soon~

  4. Looks really nice... I wish I could work in surroundings like that! :)

  5. haha I did a post titled 'ch-ch-changes' this week too!

    The work area looks awesome. Can't wait to see what you create while sitting there! x

  6. Congrat's on the new work space! can't wait to see what wonderful things come out of there

  7. Pooka, thanks, and good luck with the move!

    Mie Harder, thanks, a nice workspace makes such a difference!

    samboy, dang! i haven't been good at keeping up with my blog roll lately, i'm gonna go see what yours was about right now!

    danish ice, something pretty, i hope?