Friday, August 6, 2010

Jean-Luc is home!

Yesterday, when i was struggling with insurance and other practical/boring/expensive stuff, i was having some serious second thoughts about this whole buying a car thing.*
But since we promised my brother, and he already declined another offer on it, backing out wasn't really an option.

And today, on the way up north where my brother lives, when public transportation was making me want to end my life right there, i was even more convinced that this wasn't such a great idea after all.

It's not like we wanted a car in the first place, but sometimes when an unexpected opportunity falls into my lap, i can't help but take it.
It could be the best or the worst decision ever, but you never know, you know?

So we said yes, we went up there, we went to get it registered, we had coffee at my brothers house, and we got the car.
And on the drive home it slowly started to feel like it was actually ours.

I got to thinking about ways to pimp this old wreck, what songs i was gonna put on the mix CD's, and where i was gonna find someone who's really good at airbrushing 80's style van art!
And i got excited.
Allan had been keeping his expectations way, way low, telling himself driving it would be awful, so of course he was pleasantly surprised.

I have a feeling that we're gonna like Jean-Luc the Car a lot, and i look forward to riding in it again, but since we're not gonna take it to work, we have to wait for an occasion.
A flea market, perhaps?

Oh yeah, we're fucking car owners now!**
It's a 106 Midnight, so you know it's good
I found some pretty sweet bumper stickers online, i might get this one

*I don't think i've actually blogged about this decision, so to those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, i apologize for any confusion.
In short; my brother asked if we wanted to buy his old wreck of a car and for some reason we said yes!

**Allan is conveniently covering a huge piece of rust!


  1. That is a nice ride! Hello Jean Luc hahaha ... my car is named Sophia.

  2. Whoop Whoop for nyslåede bilejere!

  3. haha what an awesome name for a car. Salut Jean Luc!

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