Thursday, November 25, 2010

Four out of four

And we're back!
From getting tattooed in Yokohama, that is. Thankfully, we're not back in Denmark just yet, although we are almost down to our last week.

But let's not worry about that just yet!
Monday was Allan's day, and also the day when the fox head was finally gonna get some color in it.
I was too anxious to go really anywhere, and i was feeling a bit flue-ish too, so i stayed at Yellow Blaze, cross stitching and fetching drinks for Allan most of the day.
Allan was a total trooper as usual, and everything they'd set out to finish got finished.
And it's looking fucking sweet too.

Shige and Chisato rescued yet another kitty, Uzume's brother (on the right) and he's just as adorable as his sister!
A client of theirs has already agreed to adopt him
While out buying bananas, i took a quick detour through Chinatown
Chinese dragons always make me think of this
Pattern is finished (for now) and so is the fox's face and paws

The next day it was my turn.
Oh, how i'd dreaded the day.
I was so nervous and physically i felt like crap too, not a great way to start what would surely be a very long day.
After the rough time i had a few weeks earlier, i'd made the decision to not take any painkillers, Valerian or any pills at all.
I'd been thinking a lot about the symptoms i'd experienced both last time, and during my first session in April, and come to the conclusion that the pills could be to blame.
Right before leaving for Japan we had a client experience a reaction similar to mine after taking regular painkillers and Valerian, so just to be on the safe side i was packing nothing but water and Pocari Sweat.
This turned out to be pretty much the smartest thing ever.
Not once did i get dizzy, nauseous or anxious and not once did i think that i was gonna pass out.
And this was in spite of the fact that this turned out to be the toughest, most painful thing i've ever experienced.
After this i'm gonna have to completely reevaluate the advice i give our clients.

Anyway, when we came that morning Shige told me that he thought we should just do the knee, which was actually fine with me since my thighs were still sore from the shading.
And i wasn't really worried about the pain, just about getting sick, but that was until we got started and this conversation took place:

Shige: Do you want normal or special flower?
Me: What's the difference?
Shige: Special, maybe more painful.
Me: Maybe you shouldn't be asking me this...
Shige: I think, maybe special.

Of course, the correct answer when someone asks you if you want normal or special flowers, is normal.
For god's sake, say normal.

The whole session was so incredibly painful, i don't even know what adjectives to use to describe it. Even in my own language, i wouldn't know where to start.
The whole thing hurt like hell, but the last 40 minutes of lining on top of the knee that was already swollen from getting tattooed for hours and hours, was just pure torture.
Now, i like to think that i'm normally pretty good at sitting still and not complaining too much, but during that last stretch, i was whining and jumping all over the place (and occasionally laughing and apologizing for just not being able to control my body).
It was so painful that i had to ask Allan to leave, when he came by to see how it was going.*

But even though the pain was more intense that i could have ever imagined, i had the best session i could have possible asked for.
And my pillow was amazing!
Even after we were done i felt great and not at all lightheaded or feverish.
In fact, i felt so good that i was able to go out to dinner afterwards.

I'm still a little skeptical about the plans to finish this in two sessions, but let's wait and see, maybe it can be done.

While it was just plain bad Allan was still allowed near me to take pictures
During this part, when the pain was at its worst, i tried taking a few pictures myself as a distraction (it didn't work, by the way, nothing did)
Maybe special
So worth it
That knee just got bigger and bigger after this...
At dinner after the session, i ate this delicious, simple cabbage dish
And this, cheese pizza!
Next morning

The next day, yesterday, we made plans with Toshi to go back to Yokohama, this time to visit a bookstore in Chinatown and to go to the Ramen Museum near Shin-Yokohama.
Allan's Australian client Matt, who got this and this done at Inkrat, was getting tattooed by Shige, so we dropped by to say hi to everyone and to kidnap Matt's wife Sam for a few hours.
I had the hardest time walking, especially up and down stairs, but we had such a great day, so it was worth the discomfort.

The Ramen museum was a lot like gyoza town... in other words, awesome!
We even found ramen without pork, so me and Sam could dig in too... it was delicious!
Doing the cute kitty pose
Toshi really needs to work on his, this just looks like an angry tiger

Since we did so much walking yesterday, i promised my leg that i'd stay home today, which is exactly what i'm doing.
Allan is out taking pictures, and the weather is so gorgeous today, so i'm actually a little jealous.
But if i feel ok tomorrow, we're gonna take a real trip, away from the city.
Possible a trip involving monkeys!

*Now, in his version of the story, i am shrieking "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALOOOOONE" in the voice of a thousand angry banshees, but in reality i just said "you really can't be here right now" in the calmest way i could.


  1. Your leg is looking amazing! You must be so happy with it!!

  2. Holy shit! Du er min heltinde! Jeg bukker mig i støvet!!

  3. is shige heavy-handed or light-handed. i know knee area can be pretty tough and people's pain tolerance vary but it sounds like he's killing you. whatever the case maybe pain last few days then comes the intolerable itch but at least you'll have something beautiful for the rest of your life. looking forward to the finished product

  4. your leg looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love the pictures! Kitties, Chinatown, food...very special flower...everything is awesome.

    I hope you know how amazing your life looks from the outside!

  6. Hella J, rejs dig, min ydmyge undersåt, jeg er blot et helt almindeligt awesome menneske som dig selv.

    Anonymous, although i am in no way the toughest cookie in the jar, i would not call Shige light handed. Ever. But it's not like he's killing me on purpose, it just hurts, that's all. But i am very happy with how it looks and it's totally worth the discomfort.

    nova, it's looking pretty good from the inside too!

  7. Kim-Anh Nguyen, thanks!!! (didn't see your comment at first!)

  8. Måske. Men pænt sej til at blive tatoveret alligevel!!

  9. OH lord, det er OPTURS freakin' cool!!! Du er sej!

  10. Wow!! The flower looks amazing!!

    And i especially enjoy the variance in stories...

    also, monkeys creep me out. good luck!!

  11. It's looking very "smuk"! It will be worth the pain, hang in there! :)

  12. Your tattoo looks amazing. I don't know how you do're so tiny and you go through so much pain! I got a chrysanthemum tattoo on my chest while i was in Osaka. It was excruciating but I love it so much. I miss Japan so much, I literally dream about it all the time. It would be awesome to meet up with you guys next time we go. Also I am very sad to hear ya'll won't be in Austin this January. My next plan is to get to Denmark!