Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

I am way behind on some of these travel posts.
Like, months behind.
But unpublished posts are great for Saturdays where blogging is the last thing you wanna do, because it may or may not be the last day of sunshine before official-fall arrives.
You know, those days.

So here we are, or there we were, in the Long Beach Aquarium the day after the Ink n Iron convention in June
There were lots of pretty creatures
And a couple of really ugly ones too
Some were tiny
Like this guy
And some were huge, like this old fella
And some were see though!
Wait a minute, that kind looks like a...
This was in the petting zoo section (it was a little slimy)That's an unfortunate name if i ever heard one
Outside there were sharks, rays and a huge lorikeet cage, that me and Hanna went into more than once
We thought it was so adorable when two of them climbed onto my bag
That's until we found out that they were eating it!
I asked them politely to leave, but that didn't work, and neither did shaking the bag, so in the end i had to walk over to a staff member and ask her to please remove her naughty birds!
After she's gotten them off, they gave me this "what?! i'm just an innocent parrot"-look.... yeah, you're not, though, and my bag has the beak holes to prove it!
And lastly, Allan and his bitches?

See more aquarium goodness on Hanna's blog.
And have a nice weekend!


  1. Thanks!
    The ones of me and the birds were taken by my friend Hanna.

  2. You look so cute in your overalls! I love aquariums, especially the jelly exhibits

  3. lorikeets are so funny! i fed some in a zoo and they kept licking at my tattoos - must have looked tasty!

    love the jellyfish picture :)

  4. Aww I wanna be back there in the sun with you guys.
    Right. Now.

  5. Hvor er det billede, hvor du tager et shot fra dit kamera af papegøjen ??


  6. Best aquarium visit yet! Miss you kittens! I'm coming home for christmas so we'll have to cause come trouble then!

    Kys og knus!

    Ps. Me and Corey will be Allan's bitches any day!