Monday, September 6, 2010

Holga shots

Finally, i got a film developed that didn't turn out like total crap, or got fucked up by the lab.
My first roll from the pink Holga had some interesting shots, a few good ones and a lot of weird ones too.
Most of them must be from late June, when Marika and Liam were here, and from July when we went to Bisserup.
The pink line through most of them is a classic Holga light-leak, and the picture with the pink on black is when i forgot to take the lens-cap off.
Anyway, here are my favorites.


  1. Seem so old -vintage styled! I would love to use an old film-camera that we have here, but then noone anymore uses film so... foto-shops do not extract the pictures anymore.. And I don't have a private film-appearing machine, so... digital only..:s

  2. They turned out lovely. I never got around to developing my holga shots :( boo

  3. beem my up malle !!! :-)

  4. Dora, it's pretty expensive to get them developed here too, but at least a few shops still do it.

    Betty, i'm really lazy (and cheap) too when it comes to getting film developed, but it feels so good when you finally do.