Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prazsky on ice

If i want Allan to go for a Sunday walk with me and Lucifer, and i usually do, i have to bribe him with coffee first.
Lots of coffee.
Lucifer however doesn't need a bribe, unless of course it's raining.
With him you pretty much just have to say the word "tur", which means "walk", and he's right there.

This shop is the reason we no longer have a coffee maker at home
Frozen lakes, they're magical somehow
Birds walked here
Lucifer fell on his ass and Allan was there to capture the moment!
Up you go, little bambi
It took a while, but he learned to enjoy it, and even met some other dogs out there
But it was insanely cold and windy, so occasionally he needed a break
Some came more prepared than others, ice skates and a sled is the way to go

Me and Allan agreed that even though it's crazy cold, this is the best winter in years.
The skies are blue, the frozen lakes gives us all some extra space to walk and play in, and snow is just so much nicer than rain and gray skies.

Only bad thing about this beautiful Sunday walk; a fucking jogger bumped into me, on purpose.
Didn't even slow the fucker down.
In Danish we call it a "skulder" and this was a hard one too.

Here's an idea: how about you spandex wearing motherfuckers use a treadmill just once a week and let the rest of us go for a quiet walk and enjoy nature?
It's kind of hard to relax when the sound of your panting and wheezing is right behind us at all times. Or when you run by in a furious tempo roughly every two seconds and scare the crap out of small kids and pets. Or when you run so close that i inadvertently catch a whiff of your sour jogger sweat.
Yeah, that'd be nice.

Woops, sorry for the Sunday rant, it just really pisses me off how every health conscious person in Copenhagen have decided to turn the area around the lakes into their own personal running track.

And speaking of health consciousness, tonight we're having (sort of healthy) homemade burgers!


  1. Ja, gå nu væk, svedtransporterende typer!!
    Fine billeder. Tænk, til sommer vil ingen af os fatte, at søerne var frosne.

  2. hehehehe BAMBI!!! OMG sooooo cute :) Mean jogger guy = lame!

    Amazingly beautiful pics, it looks rather magical there, right now.

  3. Ja! Lorte joggere!! Gå væk! Nu.
    Men ellers en hyggelig søndag ser det ud til!

  4. i havent been ice skating in years!

  5. aww poor little lucifer! he somehow looks even teenier when he's on his bum like that!

    and you should have kicked the jogger! why cant he sit in his pjs on a sunday like (almost) everyone else?! x

  6. teeny dog! so cute. I don't like joggers either. The ones that I see look at me like they are godly or something, just because they go out running in the cold winter. Big deal. I do it on a treadmill at the gym, doesn't mean I am any less a person, if anything I am smarter as it is less intense for my joints, and I'm warm and there is less likely I'll tread in dog poo!

  7. i want to work at a coffee maybe so when i leave i learn to pick up tricks. no prostitution intended.

  8. Aww haha Lucifer on ice. So adorable!

  9. Dogs on ice always amuse me.