Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Days of paint

Sunday was spent at the new shop, painting walls, doors and pipes in toilets
Fun with animals, lesson 38: shadow puppets!
Monday night was spent at home, painting our nails, something we've talked (emailed each other) about doing for months i think!
Poor Allan, he had to listen to us, and inhale the fumes coming from my work table, all night
Corey's fancy toes
Sarah's disco nails
My mango ice cream nails, with chocolate sauce (and glitter)Corey's minty chocolate nails (with dots and sparkly stuff)
Fancy fingers all over!
I think we finished at 2 in the morning, we were so tired we could barely see our fingers anymore

Fun times!!

Today after work we were supposed to go to Ikea, but after a quick visit to the new shop we realized there was no place to put all the stuff we planned to buy.
So instead we went to see my grandfather.
I love spending time with him, but hate visiting cause his apartment smells like cigars.
It doesn't sound too bad, but the smell is so heavy that even if he doesn't smoke while you're there, the foul stench stays in your clothes and hair, and you have to change the second you get home.
In fact, i'm still nauseous from the visit and my jacket is hanging outside the window!
The worst part is that when he visits my parents in the country he can quit smoking for a whole week, and the improvements in his health are dramatic.
But he's as stubborn as a three year old, and it's no good to argue with him (believe me, i tried).
But despite the difficulties, it was good to see him.


  1. Heh... dog shadow play. Cute!

  2. Girl's night in! Fun, fun, fun!!
    Og gamle mennesker er ufatteligt stædige! Det er ofte irriterende på en jeg-har-lyst-til-at-hive-mit-hår-ud-ved-rødderne-agtig-måde!

  3. hmmm, it doesn´nt look like work ! (first two pic.) ;-)

  4. it was a ton of fun too! too bad they actually do last for so long, cause i actually want to try again!

    now i have a new hobby for home....

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