Monday, September 6, 2010

The big day

You guys.
We have just had the best Sunday ever.
Like, for reals.

I'm so stoked slash tired i don't even know how to begin telling you about our day, so i'll just give you the short version and some pictures, and you can piece it together yourself.

Hat photo-shoot.
Met at our place for morning coffee and Christel's homemade cinnamon rolls.
The players, by the way, were me, Allan, Christel and Jacqueline.
There were suitcases and cute clothes everywhere.
We got in Jean-Luc, went to a park.
Picked up Bambi on the way.
Put our giant pile of clothes, accessories and cameras under some trees.
Took EPIC pictures.

The clothes were a mix of Christel's, Jacqueline's and mine, and together we had pretty much the perfect wardrobe for this shoot
Once in the park, we spread out our stuff and got right to work
Allan finally got to do a real photo shoot, at a location, with all of his fancy gear
Jacqueline was a natural!
We borrowed the Bambi from Mai
Go team!
One of many cute looks
Uhm, adorable
Demented-Christel and her bff?We shot in the middle of the dog park, and Lucifer was in heaven
Me and my handsome photographer
The Mori Girl
Allan testing the light during one of many wardrobe changes... imagine what people must have thought!
Bambi did make an excellent stand-in
Having someone else model for me for the first time, and doing it very well too, was so rewarding
The weather conditions couldn't have been better
The original Toy Camera app, you just can't beat that...
... but Hipstamatic has its moments too
Before we left we got a visit from a squirrel... until my dumb mutt chased it off, that is

In Danish we have a word that describes this kind of day very well: optur, and that's exactly what this was.
All of us worked so well together, had such a good time, and produced what i think is gonna be some amazing pictures.
Allan already knew what i wanted, and after seeing only a few reference pictures, Christel totally understood the look i wanted for the shoot, and put together some amazing outfits. And Jacqueline just slipped right into character without even needing directions.

Finally seeing how my work looks on another person, and building up a look around each piece... well, the whole thing was just awesome!
I had so much fun just helping Allan take pictures, i honestly kept forgetting this was about selling my hats.

Since i am already well into the next collection, i am hoping to do this again very soon, hopefully with the same awesome team.
Until then, keep an eye on this very blog, where Allan's finished pictures will appear very soon, and of course the etsy store where the whole collection will be for sale!

Ps. Thanks for all the sweet comments on my previous entry, i very much appreciated all all of them!


  1. fiiiiiine billeder fra en awesome dag!!

  2. Wauw! Mama is proud! Youse guys rock!

  3. yay the shoot looks like it went so well! can't wait to see everything listed in the store!

  4. Cooool Shit !!!
    Jeg vil lige holde øje på Etsy efter fine ting :)

    ser ud som en hyggelig tur i det grønne :)

  5. Beautiful! What a pretty concept. I can't wait to see the prints.

  6. Awesome! I'm excited to see the pictures of this great day. It's so rewarding to see the results of your hard work and be in love with them.