Friday, August 13, 2010


When drawing days end up being just a day off i usually feel guilty, but not today.
Crystal is here and we'd planned to go to Tivoli with her if the weather behaved, which it actually did, most of the time.
Having visitors is such a great excuse to visit Tivoli, we don't go there nearly enough.
In fact, we've decided to buy year passes next season, maybe then we'll go more often.
It is literally just down the street from us, and if the entrance was free, maybe we've go take a ride on the roller coaster on some lazy Sunday afternoon.

I completely overdressed for the occasion, turban hat and everything, but i felt like dressing up!
(Hat: flea market in Austin TX, Dress: Lowry's Farm, Purse: Vintage, Shoes: Swimmer)

I wish i had classier shoes to pair this with, but the black ballet flats i bought in Tokyo last year to repay my old comfy ones, are just a little too tight
Crystal fits right in!
I don't eat cotton candy, but i do like watching the machine
Popcorn, i'll eat that, though
Purrdy flower
The carousel had a flying squirrel!
Dear Tivoli, i don't care how broke you are, this is a disgrace
Poor Crystal was flying solo on this one
But she seemed to enjoy it anyway!
Me, i don't do heights
When the rain came, as the sky may have suggested it did, we went inside for coffee and pancakes... yum!
Constipated dragon?
Crystal bought the classic rollercoaster picture!

After Tivoli-fun-day we went home to pick up Lucifer and go to my grandfathers birthday.
The family got together at his wonderful new apartment for some dinner and hanging out.
Good times!

Me and the boys with Lucifer
William wanted to try my camera, so i held it steady while he took this; pretty good for a four year old, if you ask me


  1. i LOVE rollercoasters! Like you though, I don't like the big drop rides too much. Nausea! Love your outfits too :)

  2. rad! the rollercoaster picture is fantastic. tivoli is magic. love that place. love you guys more!

  3. Oh my gosh the turban love. By far my favorite type of head accessory. You look beautiful in a turban! And I love the roller coaster picture. I always feel super touristy buying stuff like that but it's almost a must, they just always turn out so amazing!

  4. what a fancy outfit :)

    i can't wait to go to Tivoli next time I'm over(hopefully not when its closed!) - European themeparks are always so fun :)

  5. Årh, jeg har slet ikke været i Tivoli i år. Jeg gruer altid for om de har lavet det hele om, og det allerværste mareridt er da den stygge reklame du fangede (voldtægt af min fine have)! Genialt outfit iøvrigt, man skal dresse up for Tivoli, det er hyggeligt. :-)

  6. ohhh fun! I adore Tivoli, though we always went to Bakken (sp?) when I was a kiddo. I adore your yellow dress, where ever did it come from....soooooo freakn cute!

  7. I will so buy a pass with you guys!! I can do that now!

    Also, squirrell!!!