Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's barely midnight, but i'm about to pass out.
Me and Allan finally got a chance to borrow a car, so today was moving-crap-to-the-shop day.
A sofa, a desk, lots of boxes.
A bookcase from the shop that we delivered to my grandfather.
A fridge that we picked up outside of town.
Not exactly light stuff.
At least this rough, but productive, day ended with us eating some delicious Chinese food with Allan's family.
Good times.

Yesterday was all about my family, my grandfather to be exact, who had moved to a new apartment while we were away.
We gathered at his place at nine to clear out the old apartment, and finish decorating the new one.
My mom and cousins had already done so much, but there was still lots of work to be done there, but we somehow made it.
And without strangling my grandpa too.

In order to make his new home a nice one we had to sacrifice a few old items here and there.
Some ended up in the trash, some went into the basement and a few came home with me.
Not exactly part of the plan (i'm actually trying to get rid of stuff at the moment) but some things are just too good to let go.
And some aren't really good, but they take you back.

Grumpy old grandpa in his new apartment
William walking Lucifer in the park
Yonas at the playground

Now, i took some pictures of some of the stuff i stole.
It was mostly children's books that my grandma would read to me when i slept over at their place, but i found a few other fun things too.

A yoga book from the 50's, printed by an occult publishing house (i guess yoga was pretty fucking weird back then)
An old map of Copenhagen, that now lives in the shop
This book looks a little creepy now, but i used to love it
These next few ones are from a series of books i'd forgotten all about, but i love the illustrations as much now as i did then
This one i had to have
It's Babar, the elephant to blame for the fact that i still think rhinos are kind of evil
I'm a little afraid to re-read these because i heard they're really racist...
Speaking of racist, i'm not sure the 2010 edition of this boardgame looks much like this one
Me and my grandma (my grandpa gave me an old purse of hers too, but it was hiding when i was taking pictures this morning)
Cookie tins en masse
Sadly, much of the paint came right off when i washed away years and years of kitchen grease, but they're still cute
Disney, back when it was still cute
I used to have names for these two...
I have one in yellow and they look nice together (the lion-pencil holder is from my grandpa's too, but i'm having a hard time getting the cigar smell out of that one!)
My plant, that my grandpa have been growing for me for ages, was finally ready to come home with me

I'm gonna go lie on the couch now and try to forget that my apartment looks like a war zone.
Tomorrow, i'll fix it tomorrow.


  1. barbar is racist? T_T i used to love them! ...

  2. Ihh for et dejligt indlæg! Jeg kan ret godt li, at egernet har sin egen førstehjælpskasse!
    Så mange fine skatte i gamle menneskers hjem!

    Tip: smokey løvehovede i blød i eddike, burde gøre tricket!

  3. P.s. Morfar minder mig altså om ham her: der ikke noget om snakken?

  4. How could you not be happy as a kid with those books. I thought there was a limit for cute, but it turns out I was wrong.

  5. omg!! babar!!! I am so in love with him!:p I was watching it, too:p

  6. hehehehe I think I had all the same kids books when I was a kiddo :) funny! They all live in a box with my mom and dad....OHHH I dont think I told mom is currently in Danmark for her 70th bday :) She called on mothers day and said it was freakn crappy ass weather there :( LOL told her I already knew, having read your blog.

  7. Babar!!!! I loved him when I was little. None of my friends know those books

  8. Sandra Valerie, i don't know for sure, i was just reading an article about the Tintin racism trial, and they mentioned my beloved Babar.
    Maybe it's just a rumor spread by those mean rhinos?

    Hella J, det har jeg prøvet, men det viste sig at den ikke kunne tåle vand, så nu er jeg på bar bund igen.
    Og jo, morfar ER fiskeren!

    Pernille + Ole Kirk, right? Cute overload!

    Dora, he's awesome.

    Tanya, oh, i'm sorry your mom is here during the worst spring EVER!
    It's usually so nice this time of year.

    Flo's Diner, det var gode sager!

    Betty, we're the lucky ones.

  9. so many pretty things!

    I get some cool stuff from my grandparents, but nothing like this!