Thursday, December 31, 2009

Le tigre

Japanese new years cards from Tokyu Hands

This is the official new years post and i guess it's supposed to include a 2009 retrospective, as well as my 2010 resolutions, but sadly, none of that's gonna happen.

Instead of writing a good last-of-2009 post, i have to make dinner (it's started already and Allan is helping), i have to shower and put on makeup, i have to do my nails and put on a shiny dress and uncomfortable shoes.
Then i'm gonna eat the delicious food we're making, drink a bit, toast and possibly venture out into the world in -10 degree weather.
I'm hopefully not gonna get completely shitfaced, like last year, and when i wake up tomorrow i'm gonna relax, play xbox, read interior design books, and eat leftovers.

So no grand finale for the untitled blog today, but i will say this:
A blogger doesn't chose her readers, but if i could, i'd chose all of you.
You've all helped make 2009 a pretty great year for me.
Thanks, stay safe and have a really happy new year!


  1. Hello! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and Ive got to say: Im in Love! Youre pretty much interested in everything that I enjoy- Are we Twins?

    Could you be my Denmark doppleganger?
    I also tattoo down here in Miami and also follow your husbands blog and the shops as well.

    Keep it up! Hopefully one day I will actually be able to get enough time off from working to travel out there. Everything seems so interesting and pretty :)

    Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

  2. I adore your blog and always look forward to your posts. I hope you have a lovely New Year's eve!

  3. a happy new year for you and allan, wish you all the best, health for you and your loved ones and much fun in 2010!

  4. thankyou for my card! you are so sweet! :) xxx

  5. Hey Pooka, super nice to meet you, and thanks for reading the blog!
    I look forward to reading yours too!

    San, Bianca and Corey, hope you guys had an awesome new years too!

    Sam,no prob!