Saturday, February 6, 2010


It looks like I got released just a little too soon cause I'm back in the hospital already. Bummer.
This will be a short post cause I didn't bring my computer.
I hate blogging on my iPhone, which is so weird cause I love to use it for all my other interwebs purposes.
If anyone knows of a good blogger app, please drop me a comment.

Ok, so hospital stuff...
I'm reading "extremely loud and Incredibly close", my tv doesn't work, there aren't any doctors and even fewer answers on weekends, my head is still very big but at least I'm wearing my own clothes, hospital food is sooo 80's, and my new roommate snores like a angry troll (thank you earplugs!)
I've also learned that I'd make a terrible junkie. Good to know.

I sure hope to be back home soon, I miss Allan and Lucifer so much, and Corey gets here tomorrow!

Follow my Twitter for exciting updates* cause I won't be back here until I'm back home.

*No, they won't be exciting at all.


  1. you feel better or else!!!
    yeah thats right, im threatening a hospitalized girl. what?!


  2. aeeeeeeee, so sorry to hear, i hope that things start to get better!!

  3. hope you are back to your cozy house and feeling yourself like now!

  4. Sadly, i'm still here, but hopefully just for one more night (or classy Corey will beat me up)!

  5. doh, bummer deal :( sending you lots of happy hospital thoughts! maybe you can steal some funny hospital items that you and Allen can play with later!! hehehe Making lemonade out of your lemons

  6. Oh no, I hope you'll get to go home really soon...

  7. yeah... classy.. i like that!

    maybe i wont beat you up... cause that might be TOO mean... maybe ill just... throw snow at you or something..

  8. Hang in there Yellow pants !!!! Hang in there !!!! I've gotten all my neigbours in my block (400 000 people) to come out and sing a get better soon song for you outside in the street tomorrow at noon and I think the NASA will be able to see it from space !! It'll be almost as awesome as if I could have gotten those NKorean kids to do a show ... You know with the cards that switch and it looks like an HD movie but "live" ! Anyways ... You'll only be able to see it from space but it might make the cover of the NYTimes !!

    Take care missy !!! I'll be thinking of you till I see a happy post here !!

    You rock !!!

    P.s. Let me know if you need new bits (ears , kidneys or anything really) I have well connected neigbours now !!