Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday night rant

This morning i got a complaint about my lack of frequent blogging, and although there has been only that one complaint, and it was a very nice one, i still feel a little guilty.
I'm sure you're all fine without my daily rants, but i know how i get when one of my favorite bloggers go offline for a few days, so i'll try to do better.

We've been having some hard times at the shop lately.
Or, i have, anyway.
Lots of weird personal stuff too, but since the shop is where i spend most of my waking hours, what happens there is always my main focus.
The water damage that left us unable to use our kitchen, is affecting the way the whole shop works in a way none of us had expected, and it's stressing me the fuck out.
And the fixing of said water damage hasn't even begun yet, so there's just no end in sight.
It started way back in May and since they took down the ceiling one month ago, absolutely nothing has happened.
On top of that i've been dealing with some fairly moronic people lately, which, as i'm sure you know, is also pretty damn frustrating.
A special shout-out goes out to the delivery company whose incompetence left us without paper towels for about two weeks.
Oh, and don't even get me started on the company that just sent us the wrong stencil paper.
Life is hard enough as it is, i just want the little things to be easy, you know?
I know some of you know.

Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a whiny post, but hey, that's what happens sometimes!
Here are some random iPhone shots to make it all better.

Leftovers from my mom's party a few weeks ago
Also left over and eaten in the shop; cinnamon cakeFrom last Tuesday when me and Nick went on a trek to retrieve some of his paintings (just an observation; people treat you so much nicer in this city when they think you're a tourist, and i'm seriously considering just speaking English all the time from now on!)
On our way to a funeral... i wish i could have taken pictures and showed you guys the church and the beautiful flowers, but that's hardly appropriate (what is appropriate is making a hat for the occasion*, i checked)Sunday night after the photo session we had dinner with Blaine who was in town
We had a pretty good veggie lasagna at Von Fressen
Seeing my clothes used so creatively at the photo shoot on Sunday, made me appreciate them in a way i haven't in a long time... layering is key!
And i'd almost forgotten about these awesome shoes
Here i am on Tuesday, again with the layers
Here's what i am working on at the moment, so at least i haven't been in a creative slump
In case you can't tell, it's supposed to be a cake hat
Working late means having some weird dinners, tonight i ate hummus on Knækbrød with vegan chorizo and fried mushrooms

I am trying to find things to look forward to, so i don't get any more moody than i already am, but i can't seem to find anything right now.
I wish i enjoyed shopping in Copenhagen, cause buying something nice is always a good temporary fix, but since that's not really my thing, dreaming about craft-shopping in Tokyo in November will have to suffice.

*It's actually really pretty, i'll take some picture of it tomorrow.


  1. sorry you're feeling rubbish :( I sent you mail last week so hopefully it'll come soon and cheer you up :)

    i love the new hat it actually does look good enough to eat!

  2. Layering er SAGEN! Det er så fint med opknappet skjorte! Kage hatten er OPTUR! Bliver et sejt photoshoot med kage hat :)

  3. i love you so much !!!
    the style, the tattoos, the house,the blog, the dog, your boyfriend *LOL* - joke ;)

  4. Det var ikke en klage, bare et savn :)
    Fine billeder af alting!

  5. Why is it that when shit happens, they come in multiples? Sorry to hear your troubles. At least you've got yourself a very nice pair of shoes.

  6. just discovered your blog and i love it, new follower here! love those tan shoes oh so much, i've been searching for a pair like them x

  7. this vegan chorizo looks really tasty! you asked about the extensions thing, I recommend buying "remy" real hair, but I don't have any favourite sellers. it's not hard to find there anyway und so easy to apply.... Can't wait to see you with long hair :D

  8. I have a special place in the darkest pits of my heart for delivery/moving companies, this is to say i hate them.

    I'm really liking your new hats and your fancy layering. Layering is magic, I'm not too skilled at the process though. I'm glad your creative work is helping you push through all the boool shit :)

  9. samboy, uh, that sounds exciting!

    christel, ja, jeg glæder mig også allerede til flere billeder!
    Og det her shoot har virkelig fået mig til at se helt anderledes på mit klædeskab!

    TaTii TalentLos, thanks:)

    Hella J, en sød klage i ny og næ er fair nok!

    aixxx, true!

    Amy from Forever Curiouser, welcome, thanks for reading!
    The shoes are from Office in London, they probably don't have that exact style anymore, but they had lots of similar ones on their website a while back.

    Lilly Panic, it was surprisingly delicious!
    I've always used synthetic, but it seems there's plenty of that too.
    It will be a while though, my hair is way too short now!

    Vanessa, i though i was pretty good at layering before, but i've discovered that i have been way too conservative, going for two layers when i could easily do three or four.
    More is more!