Monday, August 30, 2010

A brief visit to Bisserup

Yesterday was one of those (so far few) days where we've really felt the advantages of having a car.
My parents had invited us to dinner, but since we didn't have time to stay the night, we would have had to say no if it hadn't been for Jean-Luc.
Good boy.

The dinner was for their friend Eileen who is going back home to the islands on Thursday, and they'd invited a mix of friends, family and people from the village.

My pictures today are a mix of S90 and iPhone shots, i hope the contrast isn't too disrupting.

As soon as we arrived we took Lucifer for a long walk
The weather was windy, but warm
I so wanted these
But this isn't the city, the stuff you find in the street (or by the sea) actually belong to people
It had been raining
Into the forest
You can really breathe down here, and as i told Allan, just breathing that fresh country air is worth the ride down there
I dare say i enjoyed this walk almost as much as the dog
We stopped to feed the cows, of course
When we got back, the guests started arriving
The neighbor had baked the most wonderful cinnamon cake
Eaten with sour cream... divine
Lucifer with Sailor, his inappropriate man-crush
Lucifer, Sailor, cousin Karla and my dad
The worlds smallest apple tree produces some pretty big apples
The rose hip bushes in front of our house
My parents went to Sweden last week
Before Sailor went home he scored some leftovers
My wonderful husband, looking annoyed with me as usual
Allan, always such a hit with the ladies!

During dinner Allan got some sad news, and because of that we had some really good talks on the way home.
We don't talk that seriously that often, but i think i really needed to vent about some stuff.
So for once i didn't fall asleep in the car like i normally do!
Lucifer, however, was beat and slept the whole way.
We got home so late, but it was still worth the ride down there to see my family, say hi to nature and eat some great food.

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  1. Åh åh! Er det hans annoyed look? Jeg synes jeg har set det før :-o
    Dejligt at I havde en god dag! Fiiiine billeder!