Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bits and pieces

Confession: i sometimes pick a random label and go through old posts on my own blog.
Does that make me super conceited?
Like now, although right now it wasn't random at all, i was looking for a specific picture labeled "decor" and i spent at least 5 minutes just looking at and reading old posts.
Big-giant-ego or not, i think my favorite thing about having a blog, is having such easy access to words and pictures that'll help me bring back things i've forgotten.
Anyone with a memory as bad as mine should have a blog.

This morning i took a few pictures of the livingroom with the old Canon 300D that i haven't used since December.
They didn't turn out great, i was still tired and impatient too, but hopefully they'll give you an idea of what we've been doing to the place.

Dala horse, frog from childhood, moms pottery and wooden figurines stolen from my grandpa
I didn't take a good picture of the miniature cupboard these are located in... oops
The best part about moving a suitcase (literally) full of books to the shop, is how nice it made the remaining books look
I fucking hate that fucking wallpaper, but we rent so what can we do?
After making a hat box for the wedding hat, i felt like doing more chiyogami decoupage and these scented candles from IKEA that i decorated yesterday are the result
My mom, my bother and myself in a cheap frame on our new shelf/bench thing
The shelf was from IKEA, but Allan spray painted it orange, and it's now one of my favorite things in this room
Kokeshi doll from Asakusa and a porcelain bear from my late grandmother
Book stacks, i love them
We kept one on the floor too, even though we don't actually need them anymore
A whole lot of Maneki Neko, and a few other random kitties
Since we don't have regular TV, our DVD collection (the box sets in particular) is pretty important to us
Sneaky beer crate shelves
A random mix of paintings and photographs, expertly organized (or purposefully dis-organized) by Allan
... more to come, we're not completely done yet
The chairs aren't new, but i love them, so they still get a picture in the post
Napkin-owl is postcard-and-photo-owl at the moment

Tomorrow part two of our vacation starts; we're going to Bisserup.
I am looking forward to some long walks with Lucifer, eating breakfast outdoors, and hopefully some swimming if the weather gets a little warmer.
We're staying there for a week, and only plan to make a brief visit to Copenhagen on Wednesday to pick up Nick from the airport.
That's right, our boy is finally coming home and we are stoked!


  1. very nice, an easy guide to find some gifts for you .. ! ;-D

  2. wowww it looks so good! The cat area is magnificent! x

  3. Whilst we're still living with our inlaws I get such house envy looking at peoples things out on display. Soon though... and like Sam, I am loving the cat display!

  4. it was totally cute before but now it's even cuter!
    have a great week in the country!

  5. åh hvor har i gjort det fint! meget inspirerende. Nu glæder jeg mig helt til at komme hjem fra berlin og flytte ind i den nye lejlighed!