Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Me and Lucifer took a longer afternoon walk in the snow than usual, and somehow we ended up at the Black Cheese.
Lucky for us, someone was home.
We didn't stay too long though, i was hungry and Martin had no food (and no Marv, Mentos ain't food) and Lucifer was getting cold.

Martin was working on some sweet beats with a friend, and Blaine was there too
On the way home i stopped at a thrift store for some cheap vintage lace for hats
I also stopped at an antique shop where i found this glorious, old Inu Hariko piggy bank, and for once i haggled over the price with the owner and got myself a discount... i never do that cause i'm way too polite, but i tell you, it made me feel like a total badass!

And i did also get some hat making done.
Haven't eaten candy or put on pants yet.


  1. Glad your out and about and doing better :) and so this isnt all about you.....Martin is a real captain hottie pants, isnt he :) hehehehehe yet another reason I should come for a visit. AND omg I adore the bank, good job getting a bargin.

  2. Sådan! Opturs-succes-hyggedag!

  3. Haha, i am sooo telling him you said that!!

    Yep, bortset fra at jeg var helt busted da jeg endelig kom hjem.
    Der skal ikke meget til!

  4. Stakkels mouse! Bøtten vender snart, you'll see!