Monday, October 26, 2009


Monday, rainy, dark.
That pretty much sums it up, right?
We were so soaked when we came home, that we had to change all of our clothes.
That part doesn't bother me so much, though, coming in from the rain is always kind of nice.

I did a little knitting at the shop today, but i'm obviously still very much at the beginner stage.
My mom tried to teach me some new tricks the other day, but i'm as bad a learner as she is a teacher, so we got nowhere.
Whatever, i'll keep at it, even though i can tell it interests you guys about as much as my mad embroidery skills!*

It'll either be an ugly ass headband or a really thin scarf!
I did another embroidery design when i came home from work, this time i applied it to an old cardigan (my arm got sore, so i'm taking a break)

Tomorrow there may or may not be some totally exciting news on the untitled blog.
If not, well, at least there won't be any knitting posts.

*Yes, i did notice that you were not very impressed by my adventures into the wonderful world of yarn.
And apparently Pilates sweatpants are not really your thing either.
You, my dear readers, are people of impeccable taste, and it takes more to impress you than hobby knitting and homemade velour pants!
I hear ya loud and clear.


  1. I enjoy reading about craftiness! bring it on!

    p.s. hi i'm kelly, i migrated over to you via san smith's blog. HI!

  2. Thanks Kelly, and nice to meet you!!

  3. i love your squirrel embroidery. geez. you are too crafty. make everyone else look bad.

  4. nooo we love the craft!

    we're all just too jealous to comment! :)

    i totally suck at knitting, it makes me sad

    and do i see a snail picture?!? is there to be a snail embroidery? I love snails! :) x

  5. I with Samboy, just to jealous on all your crafty skills :0) I love the squirrel, it is amazing everything you touch turns out amazing, just wait in a week you will be a knitting ninja .0)

  6. Hi hi Malle, you crack me up :D

  7. Man, I sucked royally at knitting when I decided to try it again, but I discovered that tutorials on You tube are amazing! You not only get a description of what you are meant to be doing but you also get to see it in action.
    I am doing a pattern at the moment that is really simple but makes a lovely reversible scarf. Have a look at my pics (apologies for the poor quality - I too badly need a new camera)!
    Your embroidery is fantastic!

  8. Ah, you not only have great taste, you are also the nicest people i know.
    Attractive and athletic too, i bet!

    I doubt i'll be a knitting ninja any time soon, but i'll give the You Tube idea a go and see if that helps!

  9. Aw, I liked your Pilates pants (hello, I am apparently sweat pants queen, judging by Stat Counter's search results!). And your knitting looks nice. I can't get the hang of it... everything I knit starts out wide and then tapers off into a triangle. So I'm mostly just jealous!