Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Knitting Club

I went to my first crafty sunday at Anne and Pil's knitting club today and i completely forgot to take pictures.
I must get a camera soon, this is no good.
Oh, about cameras, Allan talked to the Canon people and fixing my Powershot will cost me the same as a new one.
I think i might bring it to Japan and see if it's cheaper to get it fixed there.
It's brand new, so buying a new one just seems dumb, right?

On my way across the bike bridge
What i managed to finish while there, i did this design myself, it's more fun than using the pre-made ones
Next time i'll remember to take lots of pictures of the other girls, the stuff they were making and the food we ate too.
Now, sushi with the guys.


  1. Thanks!
    And thanks for linking to your blog, it's awesome, i've been reading it all day at work.
    It makes me wanna move to the country and have babies and goats...
    So basically stuff that terrifies my husband!