Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, at home

Another rainy day in Copenhagen, but who cares about that when Tokyo is only one week away?
I don't normally get this excited to go until i'm on the plane, but this time is different.
Springtime in Koenji... i can smell it already.

My parents are in town for the weekend, so my day started with coffee at their apartment around the corner.
I had decided to bring along my old new camera, just to see how heavy it would be to carry around, say on a vacation or something.
It turns out that it's not that heavy, but i still don't think i'll bring it with me to Japan.
I know myself and i carry around too much crap as it is.
And i'm not really comfortable with it yet either, it has too many settings and the colors are all weird.

The view over Istedgade from my parents apartment (i remember buying that crane in the glass there at a thriftstore when i was a kid, as a birthday present for my mom)
My mom flipping through some French magazine with a Karl Lagerfeld feature
One of the many things from the old house that ended up on Istedgade
After a while my dad came home, this is him sitting under a painting done by his dad, my grandfather

After coffee and catching up, me and Lucifer headed for the shop.
We went to the bank first, and then for a walk and a morning poop (Lucifers, not mine) by the lakes.

I have a thing for ducks and swans, and these guys were just hanging out, waiting to be photographed. I don't know if there are swans where you live, but these guys are huge!
After this picture was taken Lucifer was attacked by about ten little girls wanting to pet him at the same time. He is so sweet and patient with kids, and just stands there and let them pet him (but i don't think he enjoys it that much!)
Afterwards i think he just wanted me to scoop him up and drive him to safety, and that's what i did

Our work day ended very early.
Allans customer needed a little more time to think, so he went home with a stencil on instead of a tattoo.
That doesn't happen very often, but it's cool.
It is a tattoo after all, you gotta be sure.

And while we're on the subject, Allan is in the other room, possibly drawing my next tattoo.
Or at least pretending to draw while actually myspacing!
I hope the design works out this time, so i can get it done tomorrow.
I won't say what it is, but check back tomorrow and there could be a picture.


  1. Krydser, krydser, krydser!! Ring hvis det går ned, så kommer Kaffe Ekspressen forbi i en ruf!!

  2. ooh exciting! make sure you do post pictures!!! xxx

  3. and a morning poop (Lucifers, not mine)

    Haha, like you needed to clarify! :)
    Excited for you, yay new tattoo!

  4. Well, you never know, i could be a poop in the woods kind of girl!!

  5. keep posting pictures of copenhagen. it makes my stomach sort of lurch every time i see them. in a good way! like, what the heck am i missing sort of way.