Monday, December 15, 2008

You can never go home (the rest of December 14th)

I went back to my parents house. My house.
Like i wrote last week, i had to go help them clean out the attic and determine what should be tossed out and what things i wanted to keep.
None of us actually knew what exactly was up there, we haven't been up there in like 15 years or something.
Think of the spiders! That's all i could think about.

But i'm getting ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning.

The old neighborhood is not a pretty one, at least not this part
Our street
Our wonderful, messy, eccentric, cozy house
Is that new?
The backyard. A dying apple tree with a birdhouse. In the background, the toad castle my mom made for, yeah, the toads!
The two windows on the top left is where i used to live
Our rabbit died many years ago, but her house is still there
I might take this home
My old room, the new owners have started to move their stuff in
My window. My first boyfriend sometimes climbed up on the roof of the garage in the middle of the night to see me and he would stand right there, smoking his hand rolled cigarettes
Only slightly more messy than when they're not moving
This drawer hadn't been cleaned out in about 20 years, the ruler is mine from maybe the 5th grade. And it's broken! That's why i'm giving my mom the "dude, seriously" look. Notice the sweet fanny pack i found. That's a keeper!
My mom made this, and many other crazy things
Toilet lamp
After a helping hand downstairs, it was time for me and my brother to go to the dreaded attic.
It looks bright, but that's just flash.
It was dark, damp, cold and creepy.
And there were way more boxes that any of us had imagined.

Lego, barbie, stuffed animals, clothes, a few unlucky paintings and big bottles from when my folks used to make their own booze. And lot's more! I used a big board to kill anything that moved.
My brother and i don't see each other that often and we actually had fun up there, going through our old crap!
We carried all the boxes down to the garage.
Then came the really hard part: sorting through them and getting rid of stuff.
Something me and my whole family suck at.
But i was surprised to find that i have changed.
I used to feel so guilty throwing stuff out, but there in the garage i turned into this rational, guilt free person.
I could take this toy that i remember playing with and loving, and just throw it in the trash.
I have never been able to do that before.
My brother was all "no, not that one, how could you?" so we agreed he shouldn't look into the trash at all!

Only a few Barbie dolls made it, this one was not one of the lucky few. I wonder if i went through a brief goth phase as a kid?
And what's with the guyliner?

This is what i narrowed all the boxes down to: two small bags of really old clothes (including an awesome now vintage sweater and an old Madonna t-shirt), an old classroom poster with some camels on it, some Russian art books (only loaners, they're my moms), one of my mom's fabric art pieces in a lovely big frame, a photo album, H.C. Andersen's complete works that my mom used to read to me and one big box of toys and treasures from my childhood.
I didn't take pictures of any of the things i'm keeping, i wanna get them home (they're still in the garage) and take some good photos to post here.
There was some awesome things there!

The whole thing only took a few hours, but my parents appreciated the help.
I realize now that i haven't been much help to them in the whole moving process, so helping with the gross stuff is the least i could do.
And i made it through the day without bursting into tears over losing my home.

After we finished we went to a Julefrokost, which in danish means christmas lunch, it's a very danish tradition, that usually involves getting really drunk.
I'm happy this wasn't one of those Julefrokost, this was a family thing at my uncles place and instead of getting wasted i got to hang out with these two guys:

I caught the brothers Larsen during a rare moment of quiet.
The tea set was a gift from my mom, it used to be hers when she was a little girl.
They wore both me and Lucifer out completely, the energy of those two!


  1. great pics, so sad though lots of memories, huh

  2. what a big day you had.

    you grew up in such a nice house, and i can only imagine how you must feel about somebody else moving in there.

    but seriously, i didn't know you were such an avid barbie collector!

  3. holy huge blog!

    im glad to hear that you were so good at getting rid of things. it gives me hope that i will be able to do the same!

    cant wait to see what you kept!!!

  4. thank you for these posts. :)

  5. It did get a little long huh!?
    But yeah, lots of memories there.
    But i feel better knowing that the family moving in don't plan on changing the place too much, they seem to like its quirks too.

    I'm gonna try to get the box of goodies from my parents this weekend when they officially move out. I don't know why i'm so excited about it, it's just my old junk!

    Today i'm wearing one of the t-shirts i found in the attic, it's awesome.

    Oh, and ai, i was an avid collector of EVERYTHING! I was just one of those kids who loved toys and loved to play.
    I would get every bit as excited about something i found in the trash as i would something brand new in a fancy box.
    Most of the Barbies were hand me downs from my parents friends kids or my older friends who lived on the street.
    I kept Dee Dee, the black Barbie from Barbie and the rockers and she was new when i got her. Ah, memories...

  6. Hvis det skrækkelige skulle ske, at huset i Rude nogensinde skal sælges, skal du være min konsulent! Det lyder hårdt, men også meget katarsisk. Farvel, sjove, store hus.

  7. The fanny pack is amazing! When I lived in London people thought I was crazy when I said "fanny pack", because a fanny is... well, you know. Mysterious lady parts. They call them "bum bags", ha!

    Your house was (is) beautiful. It looks so cozy! Your mom's toad castles are completely adorable.

  8. Aren't the castles awesome? The toads actually did live there for a while!
    And i wore the bum bag (hehe, that sounds even worse!) all day, i was so happy to see it again!

    Katarsisk indeed... jeg synes det er ok. Indtil videre.
    Nu må vi se om jeg lige pludselig fatter det og går helt i fosterstilling!

  9. she has a very good point about the word fanny in Brit speak...funny.:). I'm fascinated by the barbie guyliner; needed a second look! Z