Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The family album part two

This one is my favorite out of all of the photos.
It's three of my four grandparents, but i suspect that my grandfather is the photographer, so it's all of them together in a way.

I just want to mention that the English language are missing some words.
Or i don't know them?

In danish maternal grandparents are:
Mormor and Morfar
And paternal grandparents are:
Farmor and Farfar.
Makes sense?

So in the photo you see (from left to right): my farfar, my mormor and my farmor with the white hair.
I didn't get to know my farfar, he died when i was a year old.
But i do have a photo of us together that i love.
The other two were great ladies, i miss them both a lot.

Just so my morfar don't feel too left out, here's a photo of him too:

I wish i had the photo albums from my parents too, there are so many great and funny photos, that needs to be scanned.
That's a project for another day.


  1. his shadow is in the picture! so its pretty much there!!

  2. and yes, we are missing the words for mothers mother and such... it ends up being some long winded grandfather on my mothers side or something..

  3. Elsker gamle billeder! Og hyggeligt med lidt af din familie histore!
    De (de engelsk talende) mangler forresten også ord for fætter og kusine! Det er fjollet!

  4. wow you learn something new evry day nice pics