Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two out of four

We're back in Tokyo after a couple of rough days at Yellow Blaze.
Or, to be fair, Allan had a great day and i had a not so great one.

Allan had his session the first day, and it went really well. A lot was done, and he could have easily done more, the crazy trooper.
I chose to hang out at the shop all day, reading and chillaxing, hoping it would calm my nerves, but it really didn't.
My session the next day started out pretty great and for the first two hours i felt fine, but after that it was just hell.
I didn't think i could possible feel any worse than i did during the caffeine incident in April, but it turns out i was wrong. I was nauseous, dizzy, panicky and just generally super uncomfortable.
The tattooing part wasn't fun either, but the pain wasn't the worst of it, feeling sick was way worse. Even after we were done, and i was back home in the comfort of my bed, i continued to feel like shit.
But whatever, i made it through and more importantly, i made it without moving or complaining and that's always my main concern.
I'm already so scared about the next appointment, which is in just two weeks, but it has to be done and i guess i'll just have to hope i feel better that day than i did yesterday.

Ok, pictures!

Hanging out while Allan was getting tattooed
I was reading this... more about that some other time
This amazing thing happened, but much, much more about that in my next post!
Voila! Now with even more pattern-craziness!
On my day i barely took any pictures, but Allan took a few very unflattering shots (i had to crop my face out of this one due to a multiple chins situation)
Towards the end, when we finally got back around to the knee, i felt well enough to take a few iPhone shots too
Uhm, ouch
And pictures from this morning; notice how much bigger it got... again!
Crotch tattooing is the least fun thing i have ever experienced
The red parts are gonna be less visible than they are now, but it still almost wraps around my leg now

Ok, that's the end of part one, and in two weeks i'll be posting some pictures with colors... if i survive, that is!


  1. *jaw drops* WOW!

    No wonder you were in super pain, i HATE shading!

    it looks sooo good though, can't wait to see sitting number 2!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAV for helvedet!

    Men damn det er flot!

  3. aaaaaaahhhh! Du er for vild!! Det ser SÅ blæret ud - det skal du vide, og du er selv en crazy trooper, se lige på de billeder igen mayn!! Og bogen - absolut GENIAL!!

  4. After you read Foers book, you eat the little cat ?
    ..and; very nice tattoos !!!

  5. Nu ved jeg godt at jeg kommer til at kommentere det helt forkerte her, men altså: "due to multiple chins situation", hahahaha, du er altså guld værd! Tillykke med tatoveringen/del 1.

  6. very nice tattoo ! i love it... next week my biggest one will have his color. Tattoos are a so beautiful ornament.

  7. Du er sej mouse! Den er fandme flot!

  8. OUCH!
    beautiful of course.
    but OUCH!

  9. 'Mazing !!!

    'specially on Allan's back, I guess


  10. Sorry to hear you had a tough time, but it is looking amazing. I'll send over some positive energy for your next session. :)

  11. You both are getting some amazing tattoo work!

  12. Thanks for all the nice comments you guys, they're really sweet and they help keep me motivated too!!

  13. Love your tats. Such beautifull work. Congrats !