Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gyoza Town

Ah, weekend.
And we haven't even been to work yet!

I've spent the day on Vesterbro with friends and family, but i'll get to that some other time.*
Right now, it's all about the last unpublished Japan-posts.
I have a few pictures left, and i figured i should finish posting about one trip before embarking on another, right?

One of our last days in Japan was spent with our friend Toshi in his town, Ikebukuro.
I kinda like Ikebukuro, even more so now that i know about Namja Town!

I have walked by this place before when visiting Sunshine City, never knowing that there was a magical Gyoza world inside!
Also, some weird fishing games...
And lots of other weird games too... i'm not sure i even wanna know about this one
But mostly this place is about food, and we were on a Gyoza tasting mission
I felt like tasting the craziest of them all, but since we had dinner plans, we kept the craziness to a minimum
First we ate a mixed plate, and Toshi patiently explained each Gyoza to us
Cute Namja cup
So many to chose from, so little time
But we had to try the Cheese Gyoza and they were a revelation!
Back in the real world we stopped at a Doutor for refreshments, before walking all the way to Toshi's studio on the other side of town
Toshi works in the tiniest little private studio you've ever seen, and from the outside it looks like any other Japanese apartment
It was so cozy, and i hope to get tattooed here some day
Two friends on the same page!

At the studio, Toshi introduced us to one of the most amazing things ever.
I did not know this before that night, but it turns out that the Yakuza have their own magazine!
It's called Document and everyone can buy it, including me or you or the police department.
This magazine has everything: locations of different groups, pictures of their headquarters, news about what boss is going to prison and who is getting promoted, a crappy tattoo gallery, personal ads and of course; gangster fashion.

Don't get any of these logos tattooed on you... just don't
Fancy gangster tracksuits
More glorious gangster fashion!
After hanging out at the studio, talking and looking at pretty art books and crazy organized crime magazines, Toshi took us to dinner at a nearby restaurant
Delicious sashimi
Yummy veggies (and salt... i love salt)

We had such a great day out.
The meal was one of the best we had on this trip, and the company wasn't too bad either.
But the best part (almost) came when we were at the station, ready to say goodbye.
Allan asked Toshi if he could help up get a Suica card, something we've wanted forever, but just never got around to making because we thought it'd be difficult.
Turns out, it wasn't, at all, and we were beyond stoked to finally be a part of the Suica family!

Penguin approved

Next time i'm in Ikebukuro, i plan to visit Icecream City and Tokyo Dessert Republic as well!

*Meaning i don't want to spend the rest of my Saturday night editing todays pictures.


  1. Oh boy! That yakuza fashion sure looks interesting!

  2. You beat me to it. I once tried to see which to get, Suica or Pasmo, then got frustrated and didn't get either one.

    And that magazine...CRAZY. Then it's Japan. Anything is possible...good or bad.


  3. Hahaha, en gangster magasin, det er det sjoveste jeg har set længe. Der er ikke noget bedre end at grine når man ikke må, det er jo ramme alvor, med en tilbedene dame på knæ for den store, stærke mand. Jeg har aldrig været i Japan, og det er altså en fejl. Ikke mindst fordi jeg elsker sashimi, og nu sidder og slikker på min skærm, og alle de dejlige madbilleder. :-) Sandra

  4. i had deep friend cheese gyozas the other day! i had no idea about them.. but ill be looking for more of them in the future!

  5. awesomeness!
    i miss you guys!
    i know this is the wrong post but your hair is cute!

  6. Woooo det er jo min kat! Storhævet! Mega thumbs up.
    Hvor er det irriterende jeg ikke kan følge med i din blog i real time! Men nu køber jeg altså også snart en ny computer!

    Jeg bliver nødt til at få nogle af de der gangster magasiner! Hold kæft hvor er det sejt.