Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copenhagen, i loathe you

So, the airport pact is officially dead.
And i'm the one who killed it by completely losing my shit.
But hey, we had a good couple of days pretending it was ok to be back, and that people here aren't the complete assclowns that they in fact are.

The day started out pretty great.
We walked to the shop, all three of us, and the weather was still friggin awesome.
I wore a dress i bought in Japan, and this old flea market find tweed blazer that i found while doing some spring basement shopping the other day.

Look at that dumb grin (Lucifers, not mine)

I won't bore you with the details of the conversation or the person (and god, was she ever boring) that caused my shit fit, but lets just say that the people in this city all need to eat a big, fat "mind-your-own-fuckin-business" sandwich*.

I honestly don't get how deliberately pissing other people off, over little things that are seriously none of their business, can bring some people so much joy.
But the rest of the people who inhabit this city must all get it, cause they sure as hell do it enough.

Ok, so after i had calmed down a bit i went to the park with Lucifer, a blanket and a café latte, but i just couldn't relax.
I was just sitting there, waiting for the next asshole to come along and make me even more miserable, over something dumb and irrelevant.
Seriously, you may not think you're doing anything wrong, but these people, these Danes, they'll find something and they'll confront you, and afterwards they'll feel all good and righteous about it.

You'd think the weather would cheer people up, but they must be so damn unhappy, that the only thing that makes them feel better is to piss all over the rest of us.
And i know you're thinking; "well, people in my country are exactly the same!" but no, no they're not.
There's just nothing quite like condescending Danes.

Sorry for that, i just really, really, really hate the people in this city.
Sorry Corey.

Here's Lucifer at the park, he's usually off his leash, but i wasn't taking any chances today

Lucky for me, the day got better later on.
I got to hang out with some good people at the shop and i went to see my grandfather with my mom.
We got him candy and a pretty awesome gold Rorax in Japan, so he was happy.
And he looked really good and healthy and that made me happy.
So the family are on the ok list, along with a few select friends, but the rest better watch out.

*Yes, those totally exist.


  1. Det lyder virkelig røvnederen.
    Jeg kommer forbi med kage i næste uge hvis du er der! Eller skal jeg hellere lade være, hvis du er på kur? Det er ellers en rimelig epic chokoladekage...

  2. Aww i thought the people were lovely when I visited Copenhagen...not like swiss people haha. But I guess it's always better somewhere else.

    That dress is very pretty by the way.

  3. Boo.

    When I live there officially I will be a Dane that doesnt get in your face. But i'll get back in theirs!! I'll let my Canada show through...

  4. ej hvor plat at folk er nogen nar fucks i mod jer.. Dumme klaphatte er der altid. Love fra en studie kuldret marv.

  5. Elsker byen, hader menneskerne der bor i den! Folk er platte og dumme!

  6. Røvnederen indeed... jeg tror ikke jeg er rigtig dansker. Føles i hvert fald ikke sådan.
    Chocoladekage og besøg lyder som en rigtig fin plan.

    Betty, i think we're probably pretty nice to tourists, just not eachother!
    And thanks, i'm really loving that dress too!

    Folk her er virkelig platte, men jeg synes det hjælper at lade som om man bare er på besøg.
    Det er i hvert fald min nye strategi!

  7. I totally sympathise with you as I feel the same way about most of the people in London. I can't even write my thoughts through fear of actually being locked up.