Sunday, April 26, 2009

Or, how about we don't go home at all?

Back home.
But not really.

We landed safely in Cph yesterday around 4 in the afternoon.
The weather was great and that always helps when you're about to get a bad case of the coming-home blues.

At the airport we made a pact, me and Allan.
We swore to each other that we would try not to get too bitter, too soon.
Copenhagen does that too us, but we swore to try and not turn into those people.
We swore that we wouldn't let the little things, and the narrow minded and shallow people, get to us.
That we weren't gonna get bike rage, standing-in-line-at-the-supermarket rage, or any other insert-daily-nuisance-here rage for that matter.

It didn't last long.
At the passport check (yeah, that soon) the old dude in the booth made a really rude comment about Allan, and i could see the i-hate-Denmark-ness build up inside him.
So after we got home to the apartment and unpacked a bit, we decided to catch a train (and a bus) to Bisserup and pick up the one thing about Denmark we really, truly love: Lucifer.

The ride down wasn't too great.
We were tired, people were annoying, and the train was so late we nearly missed the last bus of the day.
But we made it without killing anyone and that's what really matters, right?

The little guy was happy and surprised to see us, and my family were happy too, of course!
We tried to stay up and watch a movie, but around midnight the jet lag caught up with us and we got a long, good nights sleep in our room.

Today has been all about relaxing and hanging out.
We've had breakfast in the sun, cleaned and washed my moms car, walked on the beach and eaten Kanelsnegle!
Right now i'm at my moms new work table, overlooking the garden, and in the next room my dad is snoring (which he'll deny as soon as he wakes up).

We'll be going back home (by car) tonight, but coming here was a good idea.
And although i miss Japan a bunch, i'm already getting used to being back.
And it doesn't completely suck.

You are my sunshine
Yeah, you too
Low tide
Our house is a pretty house
I took a walk by myself
I like the beach
The view is pretty, the air is fresh...
... and if you're lucky you find a cool rock!
Moped free zone ya'll


  1. Velkommen hjem! Tak for god guided tour for os wannabes der har Japan tilgode :)

  2. Dejligt at vide jer hjemme i god behold, "Rollinger"!!
    Og sikke dog en god idé at ta' til Bisserup, så I kunne komme over jeres jetlag i nogle skønne omgivelser!
    Knus til jer begge og til Lucifer! ;o)

  3. welcome back!

    i think that passport/customs people, no matter what country they work for/in are just jerks by nature. they are a special breed of people, genetically engineered to have zero sense of humor and an over active case of sensitivity. they are also given uncomfortable chairs to sit in, which would make anyone bitter...

  4. Martin; tak, vi ses nok i biksen en af dagene!

    Svigermor; du var omkring 4 minutter fra at få overnattende gæster i lørdages!

    Corey; i totally agree, they suck worldwide, but this guy wasn't even trying to be an asshole.
    He was just trying to be funny, but instead he was mean.
    In other words, danish!

    Demetris mom; thanks so much!!

  5. well that sure is encouraging! maybe thats why i offend people.. my inner danish is showing through?

  6. fina bilder och fina skor!! tråkigt med idioter som försöker vara roliga på andras bekostnad.

  7. That rock looks like a fossil.

  8. Corey, i think whenever you act like an ass, you should just blame your inner Dane, and then people will totally forgive you!

    Tak Lisa, skoene kostede 6 pund i en promark i Brighton!

    Jennifer, it is a fossil of some kind, but i don't know which.
    The geological museum isn't too far from here and my dad suggested i take it there.
    Maybe if they're having a slow day (and i'm sure working with rocks, there are slow days!) they can tell me what it is/was.
    I have nicer fossils though, maybe i should bring them too?