Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Basement shopping

Whenever i feel like i'm missing something in my wardrobe, but can't be bothered to go shopping, i head down to the basement and rummage through bags and boxes.
I usually bring a bag down there with stuff i don't wear much.
So it's like a trade.
A couple of days ago i came upstairs with this:

A 200 year old glass display thingie from the zoological museum in Copenhagen, and some clothes (including a belt i thought i'd lost!)

The clothes had to be washed, smelled mouldy.
But i found some good stuff. And a pair of jeans that are way too big for me.
Should have tried them on before i washed them. Oh well.

This is what i did with the old glass thingie:

I stole the idea from my mom, she has a bunch of them, filled with shells, corals, branches and fake birds.
Mine has a peacock, rocks, corals from St. Croix and lots of crab shells.
It needs some sand in the bottom, but that's hard to find on a sunday in Copenhagen.


  1. Hvor er det smukt, min kreative svigerdatter! ... Jeg får så mange gode idéer af at læse din blog!!

  2. how did you get the 200 year old glasss thingie from the zoological museum in copenhagen?

  3. My dad worked there before he retired, so we got a bunch of cool stuff from that place.
    They used to throw out these amazing old wooden desks and bookcases, like just break them and toss them out!
    People don't appreciate nice things.
    My parents managed to save some cool furniture and lots of glass thingies though, little old medicine bottles too.

    (Ps. Tak svigermor!)