Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Shiba picture to rule them all!

We've been back for two days now, almost, and my cold has just gotten worse.
I cough, a lot, and yesterday i was actually considering going to the doctor.
Today, i'm not so sure. I think i'll wait and see how it feels when i wake up tomorrow.
I generally hate doctors, and i just got a new one (completely against my will, by the way) that i haven't even met yet, and i wanna try to put that off for as long as possible.
At least my voice is slowly coming back to me. On our last night in Japan, it was completely gone, something that my friends seemed to think was hilarious! Yeah, some friends, right?

Here are a few randoms from my day of shopping and walking last... Saturday, i wanna say?
I walked around Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku, looking for a pair of pants that were sold out in black/medium all over town. Too bad, cause they were perfect. I had to do a lot of shopping to make up for not getting those. Not as much as i'd have liked, but still, quite a lot.

Outside Parco in Shibuya

Ok, this is not exactly the best Shiba picture ever, but i'm getting closer!

Shinjuku, i love you

Today is Lucifer's birthday!
We don't do any actual celebrating, cause he's a dog and that would make us weird dog people, but we are gonna make burgers tonight, including a tiny dog burger.
It's a thing we do...
And we're home with him all day, which is his favorite thing in the world.
Ok, a little bit of celebrating, then.
Call us weirdos if you like, i think we're ok with that.


  1. haha well it doesn't hurt anyone to celebrate a dog's birthday! So enjoy it :)

  2. Not weird at all!  On my dogs b'day he gets a special "dog cake" from the local "dog baker" (seriously, this woman calls herself a "dog baker").  We then sing him happy birthday and watch him scoff it in 10 seconds flat.  Weird is fun!

  3. Hahah Cypress gets ice cream and tunafish on her birthday, AND on the anniversary of the day she was adopted :) Happy birthday Lucifer!

  4. I love love love all your Japan post!! thanks for sharing and making me jealous, one day i will go, so i might come and poke your brain for advise on what to do and where to go!!

    Hope you feel better

    Not wierdos i think it is very normal to treat your animal with some special attention on their birthdays

  5.  Hey! I am not ok with that!

  6. Certainly doesn't!

  7. I love that you guys sing happy birthday! Maybe we'll start doing that too!

  8.  Uh, double the fun! Lucky girl!

  9.  I'd be happy to help with some inspiration!

    Still sick, but at work at least... not that that is a good thing!