Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sooo, blogger has been down?

Honestly i wasn't aware until yesterday cause i haven't been on my computer for days.
We've once again had visitors, this time from Germany, and between hanging out with them and work, there hasn't been much time for interweb stuff. At least not the computer kind.
Thank god for twitter and instagram!

Now, where did i leave you last... around Lucifer's birthday?

It was a good birthday with lots of walks, snacks, cuddles and a mini burger (it's becoming tradition)

Lucifer also made a little friend who kept asking him to come out and play

Here i am with our dear friends Sascha and Anki on the couch Thursday night, minutes before we fell asleep to a movie

I've been doing some serious hat making...

... and a whole lotta not so serious gardening

I was lucky enough to find this goldmine of a container full of bricks

And with my newfound trash-treasure i built a little path in the little garden

I did a little bit of hat selling too, which is always so nice for me

Other amazing things that happened while i've been away: we purchased a grill for the shop, and had an amazing barbecue on Friday (i will post pictures of the magnificent beast on the shop blog) AND we had a maybe even more amazing (in my opinion) "Eurovision Song Contest homemade pizza night" of which i didn't take a single picture, because i was too busy baking, voting and live-tweeting, all at the same time!
But trust me when i said it was fun (for me, anyway!)*

Today is one of those Sundays that feels like a Saturday because we were at the shop all day yesterday.
Our Germans went back to hamburg no more than 20 minutes ago, and none of us really know what to do with the rest of our day off.
For now, i think i'm gonna take my dog for a proper walk.

*I voted for Ireland...
Ahem, sorry.


  1. I loved the Euro-tweeting! :)

  2. Ireland was robbed!!

    ps We'll listen to Jedward when you get back from you walk... promise!

    pps It was super fun for me too!!

  3. I didn't realize Blogger was down either, until the last few hours it actually was down. I was surprised to hear it had been down for three days! Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. ;)

    Enjoy your walk!!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. samboy, back at ya!

    CoreyGirl, ok, it was fun for the two of us, but i'm not sure about the rest of the gang...

    Jo, glad to hear you weren't affected either! And a happy Sunday to you too!

  5. I loved Jedward as well. Might be as they looked like they could be my kids or maybe because of their somewhat awesome fashionsense, but hey, the song was pretty good as well.

  6. Alright, fine. I'll check out effing Eurovision videos tonight so I can finally know what all the fuss is about. You Europeans are weird, you know that? hahaha

  7. schmut, i was all prepared to hate them and then... i just couldn't! And the song is STILL stuck in my head!

    nova, just for the record, there was a Canadian there too!
    (Also, check previous years as well, this year wasn't the best ever...)

  8. WHAT! hahaha

    What's the best one to check?

  9. nova, that's a tough one, there are so many good ones!
    2009 was a great year, even though the worst song won. I remember 2066 being pretty exciting, and in 1999 i almost had a stroke because Croatia didn't win!