Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Around the shop

I feel like i rarely complain about being too busy, and i'm not gonna complain now either.
I'm just gonna say that i'd like a weekend at home soon. Doing nothing, or as close to nothing as possible.
It's not gonna happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Considering that we're spending all our time at the shop these days, i thought it'd be fitting to post some pictures taken here (yes, i am blogging from work again).
I'm not super comfortable with taking pictures inside yet (or the camera is not comfortable with me doing it, i guess) so not all of these are super great, but i'm always excited to post pictures of my pride and joy, and second home, Conspiracy Inc.

My office

Skeleton in the hallway

My corner of the drawing room

 Gator in the work room

 Our kitchen

 Coffee (the tin was my grandpa's, i keep my decaf in it)

 A late night with burgers from Laundromat

 Bicycle taxi close to the shop (i really thought this one would turn out better)

 This one, however, looks like i'd imagined... hello spring

It's hard to tell from the pictures that we're a tattoo shop, if you don't already know, isn't it?
I like that about the shop.

I'm still in that weird "i should be doing more" place, but instead of trying to force something to happen, i'm just focusing on Allan's projects. At least i can be helpful with them.
However, my carpal tunnel syndrome, if that is in fact what it's called, is really acting up, so i think my wrist is trying to tell me to take the day off from frame work tomorrow!


  1. do it! take tomorrow off, you deserve it 

  2.  I so wish i could, but that's just impossible this week.

  3.  Thanks, i love it!

  4. I agree with Kirsty. You should give yourself a day off. Maybe not tomorrow but when Allan can too and have a pj day. With trek and treats! Paul calls these days 'Claire days' :0)

    The studio looks amazing! I wouldn't mind going to work there, it looks like it has a nice vibe!

  5. Urgh your shop is so nice! I hope you guys didn't spoil Eckel too much! haha I'm all self conscious

  6. You're totally right that it isn't clear it's a tattoo shop, I also like that about it :) Love the photos too.  And the only way I'm comfortable taking photos inside is with my external flash, or with a Mcguyver-esque index card that bounces the on-camera flash. 

  7.  Maybe some day, after the art show is done. I hope.

  8.  I don't know about spoiling, but he hasn't had it too bad here, that's for sure!

  9.  I don't even have a flash for this one, so i just have to get used to using common sense and just taking indoor photos in the daytime. But they're still pretty ok, i think!

  10. They are great! Didn't mean to suggest they weren't or anything :) They seem to capture the vibe really well.

  11. Wow!  I love everything in there!

  12. best looking shop i've seen! i wish the place i go was pretty like that inside. it seems so comfortable.

  13. Them be some good looking burgers! :)

  14.  They were good tasting too!

  15.  It is very comfortable. Sometimes we accidentally call the client waiting area the living room!