Thursday, March 8, 2012

Standing still

I was supposed to get my pictures back today, but when we went by this morning they said not until after 4, which for us means tomorrow.
A week for a friggin' color film on CD, no prints? I am so over that place.
Anyway, that means no analogue awesomeness today!

I've been feeling super unproductive this week. Or, without a purpose, kind of.
You know those days when you feel like you haven't made a difference in your own life?
Like yesterday, i did normal work stuff, and some crafty stuff too, and helped Allan with stuff for his art show. And i cooked dinner and a did a few other things too, but generally the day just felt... not wasted, but just unimportant? These days, i like to feel like i'm moving towards a goal, and even though i know that not every day can be full of true productiveness and drive and epiphanies about life, i still get annoyed at those days that are simply just there.
That probably didn't make much sense, now did it?
Anyway, today has that same vibe, and i'm trying to think of a way to turn it around.
So far i've come up with "cleaning out the sterilization room" and "going shopping for making dinner at work". Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of, so i guess i'm looking at another one of those days after all!

 A few recent pictures from my instagram
(1. Drawing day at home on Sunday i think 2. Barky and sleepy shop dog 3. My first ever attempt at making gyoza, and might i say, not a bad one 4. Flea market find turned into a necklace 5. Looking all casual and shit at work 6. Some of my treasures from Sensuijima displayed in my office)


  1. Uh, those days...when I read this post, i really want to say "Try to always enjoy your time blabla" but infact i know that the only thing you can do is wait for the next phase of creativity and inspiration. To cheer you uo perhaps a little tiny bit, you gave me this really beutaifull pink dress as a gift the other day and I was so happy about how cool you guys from CPH are and then I found perfectly matching shoes and accesoires. I will send you a pic as soon as the weather lets me wear it! Thanks again so much!

  2. I totally understand what you're saying; I have those days too! and I have them a LOT. it's like I have to be doing something 'worthwhile' with my time and sometimes running errands and going about the usual routine isn't fulfilling enough. But that's not to say i'm unhappy, it just makes me a bit anxious that i'm not using my time wisely?  if  you understand what I mean?! haha

  3. Lucifer is just the CUTEST! He and my Stevie Nicks would have a wonderous love affair...!

  4. I love that one of Lucifer in the basket. Too cute. I can hear the high-pitched dog yawn from here. 

  5.  Aw, that totally did cheer me up! I look forward to seeing the picture :)

  6.  Yeah, it's not the same as being unhappy at all, just impatient in a way? I guess i just wanna either improve or learn or something that'll get me where i'm going or i wanna have an adventure, and anything that's not that does kind of feel like wasting valuable time.

  7. The best sound!

  8. Lucifer's little yawn! He's a tiny newborn, haha. What was the "flea market find" before it became a necklace? It's beautiful! I'm really into beadwork right now, but I have zero patience.

  9. I guess it was a choker of a kind? Or sewn to a garment? So a necklace, only terrible! (I hate chokers so much i get angry at them). I just fixed it up basically! I really love bead work too, but i haven't made any attempts to create any in years.