Saturday, February 4, 2012

Planning ahead

Good planning is anxiety's worst enemy, so logically you'd think it was my best friend.
But it's not. I've never been a planner.
But i am trying, and for this coming trip, it seems to be going pretty well!

Yesterday i bought a suitcase. My first real suitcase that isn't a loaner or a hand-me-down from someone else.
I had some insurance money set aside for it (remember the flood this summer?) and so i bought a real, fancy Samsonite suitcase. Yes, i do feel very mature.
And i even started packing a bit, and we're not leaving until Wednesday.
So yeah, go me!

Today we're staying at home and relaxing.
I mean, mostly staying at home, and mostly relaxing.
I've been doing some chores, like cleaning and doing pre-travel laundry, and i've been out shopping for the trip, and feeding birds in need.
But even with a million little things to do, and a bit of caffeine in my system, i am enjoying the feeling of being stress free (or as close to that as i'll ever get).
Oh, and Copenhagen is freezing cold at the moment, but oh so beautiful too.
If you're in town, i suggest dressing warm and going for a walk. And while you're out there, bring some food for the birds!*

My new buddy

All my pictures these days are either work-lake (this one), or home-lake... one of these days i need to bring a real camera

*Apparently the extreme temperatures we're having are killing the small birds of Denmark. 
They're having trouble finding food, and we've lost a quarter of the Danish population already, and it looks like we'll  lose many more. So if you have the time, go to the supermarket and buy some cheap wild bird feed, like lose seeds or these practical little balls, and make some little birds happy. Trust me, they will be happy!


  1. Fancy suitcase! I bought my first suitcase this year, too. It has little C's all over it... I guess for in case I forget what my name is. 

    That's a pretty picture, liking the tilt-shift look!

  2. Poor birds, that quite a shocking amount to lose! Well done you for feeding them :)

  3. AgentsassysquirrelFebruary 5, 2012 at 2:35 AM

    I love you more then ever.
    And I know this is late but I completely agree with you about people asking about ones reproductive choices. It's far too personal.
    Stay warm and keep saving the little birds.

  4. I love the suitcase! And your trip sounds very exciting.  I am a good planner usually, but the anxiety still gets the best of me sometimes.  Hard to get yourself out of that mind-rut.  Good luck!

  5. I was hoping for something a little more colorful or crazy for my first suitcase, but they didn't have that. So i just went with expensive instead!

    And thanks, i'm a tilt-shiftaholic (unless used in that weird making faces glamorous way!)

  6. I didn't think it'd be that many. It's really sad.

  7. I feel bad for leaving them, but another animal loving blogger promised to stop by my route while i'm gone :)

  8. Thanks, i hope it's roomy too!