Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A good start

Sunday i spent most of the day in the basement, cleaning out the last casualties of the flood.
A lot of wonderfully slutty (and mostly homemade) clothes from the early '00s were lost, but on the plus side, we do have a lot of extra basement space now.
And we have insurance, thank god.
 I also needed to get the cigar stench out of the stuff i got at my grandpa's place, so i didn't have a lot of time to just chill.

So for that reason i'm extra happy we had Monday off to do just that; chill.
Not that we did nothing all day; i went shopping for accessories for the wedding on Saturday (i'm saying "The Wedding" like you all know who's getting married, but since most of my closest people are going, it's easy to make assumptions), did some work-work on the computer, drew some pictures, and made dinner.
Allan basically did the same, minus the h&m part, obviously.
We also watched True Blood.
Isn't everyone?

The dress i'm (hopefully) wearing on Saturday was bought on eBay, and i'm starting to worry it won't make it here in time.
I have no backup dress.
Yay, me.

Monday shopping outfit (it was warm so obviously i wore giant boots... uhm...)

I bumped my knee real bad on Saturday, but thanks to a big, pink chrysanthemum, you can't see the nasty bruise!

Allan met with a client at the café for a consultation... a little strange, perhaps, but it beats going all the way to the shop