Monday, December 5, 2011


I know, i kind of already posted pictures of this piece,but they were instagram and in progress pictures, so it doesn't really count. Also, i'm having a nice day off with Allan and not much is happening, and these pictures were already uploaded, so there, that's what we're doing today!

I'm really happy with the way this one turned out, especially since it was giving me a lot of attitude towards the end, and i wasn't really sure of myself at times. But i think it ended up looking great; my favorite part is the embroidered details and the matching beads inside the flowers (which you probably can't see in the pictures, but it looks cute!)

This headband and its owner had a really special night planned, but unfortunately the plans fell through; i'm hoping they will find some other night to go out on the town together!
(Photos by Allan Larsen, obviously)

Since you're here (you are still here, right?), you might wanna know (or not, but i'm telling you anyway) that i just updated my website!
I actually do pretty regularly, but this time i finally got around to getting some wedding photos off my old laptop and adding them to the "looks" gallery.
And this headband is there too, of course.

The etsy shop is regularly updated too, and while a couple of the smaller poinsettia christmas clips have been sold, the larger (but still cheap) ones are still up for grabs and ready to ship out before christmas.
Sorry for the self promotion, but if i don't do it, who will?

It's good to have him back


  1. Amalie, of course you don't know us, but my fiance and I are tattoo artists from New York and are impossibly huge fans of both yours and your husband's work! I just wanted to send a happy note that I positively adore your hats and fascinators and very much look forward to requesting a custom piece for my wedding one day in the future, whenever that may be (if you'd like to, of course.) We daydream of visiting your shop as I'm saving my right arm so that hopefully I'll have the time and money to visit and have the honor of getting some of your husband's work. Just thought I'd pass on what an inspiration both of you are to us. Hope you're well and that we can perhaps do some business in the future!

  2. Thank you very much, i love doing custom projects, especially for weddings, so i'd be honored to do that. As i'm sure my husband would be more than happy to tattoo you.
    Thanks for the kind words, and see you in the future, sometime :)