Monday, November 7, 2011

7/11 (today's date, not the overpriced kiosk)

First day back was good. Real good, actually. All over twitter i saw people complaining about the awfulness of autumn combined with a general monday gloom, but for some reason i wasn't seeing it.
Maybe because i had new projects to start, fake spiderwebs to remove from chandeliers, and rotten pumpkin vomit to clean off the sidewalk?
Yes, that last part is definitely the more glamorous side of shop ownership, in case you were wondering.

Starting from scratch... more work on this tomorrow

I've realized that even though i'd love to do more, cooking dinner and posting on the blog is as productive as i'm likely to get tonight.
Cue Star Trek, and some white chocolate that my fat ass will have to work extra hard at working off in the morning.
White Milka? Totally worth it.

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