Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad influence

I wrote this really long post about something that bothered me yesterday, but by the time i was done and ready to hit "publish", i realized that i wasn't even upset anymore, and posting it seemed silly.
Too bad, cause i liked the rant.
I'll save the draft and who knows, maybe something similar will happen in the future and voila! i'll have a rant ready to go.

This morning at the shop, while i was setting up Allan's station, my mom called.
Allan talked to my her and from what i could hear of the conversation, they'd found something interesting.
True enough, my parents, who now see opportunity where they used to see just dead animals, had found us a dead seal!
I didn't think about it all day until my mom sent me an email full of ghastly images.
Yeah, you bet i'm gonna post them.
A couple of them, anyway.

*Warning* Not necessarily for the sensitive reader... 

When i first saw these one my phone they didn't look that bad... but then i opened the mail on my computer and saw the intestines....

My dad, chopping off heads like nobody's business

Look at that sweet skull! 
We'll be down there for Christmas to boil and clean this guy

If you looked at the pictures and feel all sad and icky now, here's a seal story with a happier ending to cheer you up.

In other positive news; today is my parents' 39th wedding anniversary.
They are having dinner to celebrate right now.
Happy anniversary, mom and dad!


  1. Sounds like to me you have really cool parents :). My parents celebrated their 60th (both are 80 now so I bet your proud of them and they love each other like newly weds

  2. Awww poor seal! At least his head shall look magnificent in the shop :)

  3. One time, when I first moved to Victoria (which is on an island) from Alberta (which has like, no water and is where I grew up), I was walking along the beach and stepped IN a dead seal.  Not on, but in. It was all rotten and yucky. My friend got its skull too and buried it immediately while I was standing there all traumatized by it. haha

  4. I hung out with a seal yesterday on my break at my new aquarium job, it was begging for my apple and I started talking to it like it was a dog.

  5. I don't know about the newlyweds part, but i am certainly proud of them and they are very cool indeed.

  6. Eeeeeewww, so gross! My mom told me we passed right by this spot the other day, so i guess i came dangerously close to stepping in seal as well.

  7. They are so dog-like to me too. When Lucifer puts his ears back we call him a seal. Your new job sounds amazing.

  8. we do call our dog a seal as well, when he does the ear-thing. and i´ve never expected anyone else to  do so too. i bet they´re brothers in secret :)

  9. I saw river otters today! And an octopus nine times!

  10. i do call him fur-salmon sometimes, cause his coat is so sleek, just like a fish. it sounds better in german: pelzlachs.