Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hans & Annalisa

Today is my parents 37 year wedding anniversary.
Like my mom said when i talked to her this morning, it could have been 47 if they'd been as quick as me and Allan, but 37 is still pretty good.

Happy anniversary mom and dad, thanks for hooking up and making me!

My family (yeah, the ugly baby is moi)


  1. Nåååårh lille tykke! SÅ cute!! Smuk familie. Dengang som nu.

  2. how old were you when allen and you got married.

  3. Oh, i think we were 23 or something?
    We'd only known each other for about 10 months and four of them i spent without him in India, so it was kind of a crazy decision... but it worked!

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  5. Oh, I love this photo! And I think you are super cute, but then again I have some kind of syndrome where I want every baby I see, sooooo . . . You're still a majorly cute baby!!

    I almost named June Anneliese, your mother's name is beautiful :)