Saturday, November 19, 2011

Listed, finally

I'm awful at taking a day off.
We originally had plans to go do stuff at the shop (my idea, i always wanna go do stuff at the shop), but that's been postponed till Monday, and now i have a bad case of the weekend guilt, even though it has barely started.
I got my workout out of the way already, and i've tried to convince Allan to help me with some clothes photos later, but in the meantime... it's so dark outside, and Lucifer isn't supposed to walk too long yet, so a good walk is out of the question. I'm behind on emails, but that stupid deep cut on my finger isn't healing well, so i'm trying not to do the typing thing too much. I suppose i could read, and i probably will, but right now, i decided to list a new item in my etsy shop instead.
Some of the pieces we photographed at the shop can't be listed yet because i still need good closeups, but i remembered that i already had closeups of this one. Not great ones, i took them myself, but they'll do.
Please go check it out, and if you know a stylish lady who's getting married, send her my way!

Lucifer update:
He's back to normal, so much so that it's hard to convince him not to jump up and down from the furniture every 5 minutes like he normally does.
He's on antibiotics, which he totally loves because i hide the pill in a chunk of paté, and he gets some painkiller drops that i honestly don't think he really even needs.
We'll see in a week if everything is ok with his knee, but i hope and think it will be.
Thanks for your comments and concern, here and on twitter and instagram.
You're all very sweet.


  1. This one is gorgeous, too.  And I'm glad to hear Lucifer is doing so well.

  2. I'm getting married in May next year, I would need something fairly similar to that but in a different colour. What sort of timescale would you need for something like this? Sorry it's a bit vague, obviously I'd give you more information in an email, but at the moment I'm running around like a headless chicken regarding wedding stuff.

  3. I'd need as long as you could give me? I could probably make the hat itself in a few weeks, and leaving a few weeks for shipping, a month as a minimum? And a little longer if you wanna send me fabric sample to match the dress.
    Just send me an email if you wanna talk more!

  4. Okay, cool. I'll probably email you towards the end of December, I just want to get Christmas out of the way first. I'm a friend of Sam's (nanasamboy) and she recommended you :)

  5. Oh great, that's so sweet of her! Yeah, just write me anytime, no stress.

  6. Your fascinators are so amazing! You are one talented lady :)