Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo fun day

As i mentioned in my brag-post from last night, me and Allan did a hat photo shoot with Jacqueline at the shop today.
We also went and looked at an apartment and bought Halloween decorations for the shop, but that's another story (or two).

We met up at the shop to take pictures of both old and new pieces. Some that have been in the shop before and some that i've never even posted pictures of online.
I've only seen small previews, but Allan is getting so good at portraits, Jacqueline is such a good model, and we all work so good together, so i'm fully confident that the pictures are gonna come out great.
We did have to get by without our stylist who's on her honeymoon (i know, pretty lame excuse for not coming, right?), but it was a pretty simple, indoor shoot (not like last time) so we managed just fine.

Hopefully Allan will have time to transfer and edit the results soon, so i can update my website and etsy shop.
And post them here too, of course!

I'm glad this afternoon was so easy and efficient, cause right now i'm experiencing some pretty epic gadget failures (laptop is slow, apple is being extra difficult, and my phone... oh my fucking god, don't even get me started on that thing... so, yeah), and it feels like nothing is working the way it should.
Win some, lose some.

Hats and taxidermy

Behind the scenes... or more like right in the scenes

Total, actual, natural beauty

Allan is watching Battle: LA, and boy, is that ever a flaming pile of turds!
I think i might even prefer dealing with failing iPhone updates, it's that bad.


  1. Battle LA helped me get through my 12 hour flight from Japan to the UK - as in it put me to sleep!!

  2. So give Battle: LA a miss then? We got it free with our new (replacement) PS3... I've got season one of Angel to watch, screw Battle LA!

    Those pictures looks like they'll be amazing! Can't wait to see, you little bunch of talented people, you!

  3. You know what? Disqus just gave me a notification that you replied to my comment here. Isn't disqus the freakin' best?

  4. Battle LA, definitely a miss. Unless you're like Kate and need to sleep through a flight!