Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can we pretend i wrote this in September?

Oops. It happened again didn't it?
Whatever, you're used to it by now, right?
And i have actually been super busy. And in London. Some of the time at least.
But i'm back now, and i'm having my first genuinely great day in a long time.
More about that, and London, some other time, right now i just wanna post some pictures and maybe take a nap.
Oh, to have a day off. Isn't it just the best?

Today the weather broke a heat record from October 1978.
About friggin time, i say.

Morning coffee with my handsome boys

 Lucifer's favorite park... possibly mine too

More chai and a politically incorrect bracelet

 That dog and that dress

Trying to make him dance for the camera... doesn't always work (but sometimes it does)

Ps. I didn't take a nap after all, but i did read a few chapters of my book and eat some snacks. Just as good.


  1. Awesome day with awesome people!! LOOOOVE

  2. such a cute outfit!

    it's been super hot here too. I think the world is broken! Nice though :)

  3. Why is it politically incorrect? Did I miss something? Is it made of dead babies?

  4. Yay! velkommen hjem! Hope you had a great time in London. What's the deal with the weather in Denmark of late? Its like summer has finally got here. :/

  5. No, just dead elephant. But it's antique, so it's not like i killed it myself!

  6. I know, it's been insane! Better late than never, but still, now my seasonal clock is even more confused!