Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What? I'm not working!

The living room is done!
Almost done, anyway, and i am loving it.
I wanna hang out in here now and before i pretty much only came here to watch movies.
Since we only just finished now i haven't gotten any pictures, but i'll try to take a few tomorrow.
Maybe with a wide angle lens? I can never take good interior pictures.

Today we went to wor... the shop, i mean the shop.
I had to meet with a client (that's right, i have clients too, you know!) for a final fitting of her wedding hat, before sewing and gluing everything in place for good.
Lucky for me, she liked it and it matched the dress.
Pictures of that after the wedding, i don't wanna accidentally post any spoilers, in case people aren't supposed to see it yet.

I also got a visit from Fie and her trusty sidekick Viola, so it was a day of half hanging out, half work, and i love those days.

For some reason i am continuing to wear stuff that's way too revealing to wear in public... at least it's a different pair of shorts this time
(Top: Vintage, Shorts: some cheap shop in Jiyugaoka, Sandals: H&M in Irvine)Lucifer, the Amazing Dancing Dog!
I didn't actually have a snack in my hand, but i made sure to give him one when we got inside
We did a ton of things around the shop, here are some keys on a wall, for example

We finally framed and put up our magical Chase Lisbon prints (so NSFW, by the way) and i'll get some pictures of them tomorrow.
Yes, we're going back there tomorrow... and Friday.
Some vacation, huh?
Sunday we're going to the country and i promise not to work!


  1. you can totally pull off the revealing stuff without looking trashy! Well done!

    Classy not trashy!

    (So jealous btw - I'd look like a tart!)

  2. Aw Lucifer is adorable. I always want to grab and lift up dogs when they stand on their hind legs haha

    I love your shorts!

  3. samboy, but a classy tart, i'm sure!

    Pink Dahlia, Allans idea and Eckels keys!

    Betty, he's the best, i totally wanna pick him up too when he does that little dance for me!