Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tem's wedding

I was seconds away from opening photoshop to do one of my famous and well-loved (what? In my head they are!) instagram collages, when i decided... nah.
Not that i don't wanna do another fabulous insta-piece, i do, and i even wanna get back to posting them more on the regular so they don't end up ridiculously long like this one. I just didn't wanna do it right now.

I could go into how crappy i've been feeling lately, or how uninspired i've been, but what good will that do?
Sure, venting is nice, and i haven't done an honest emo post in a while, but right now, i think doing a post on a somewhat recent creative success might be healthier.
Maybe it'll even inspire me to get working again, and that's probably exactly what i need.
Me, me, me... this is dangerously close to becoming an emo post anyway.
Enough of that!

A while ago i got commissioned  to do a wedding hat for a girl in England.
A top hat.
A custom mini top hat, to be exact.
In spite of never having done a hat like that before, and not having a clue about how to make such a hat, i said yes without hesitation.
I realize now that i probably should have thought about it some more before accepting, but at that point it was too late, and instead if panicking, i got to work.
I can't say exactly how many hours i put into this piece, but i started in March and finished in July.
So a few.

Tem, my client, was super easy to work with, and pretty much gave me permission to just do my thing.
Inspired by her keywords, and her gorgeous dress, i worked my ass off, gave it my best shot and learned a whole lot in the process.
Mostly i learned that i wanna learn more.
Funny how that works.

I'll always be able to find a thousand flaws with everything i do, and that's probably never gonna change, but i am happy with the result anyway, and more importantly, so was Tem.

Here are some pictures Allan took before i shipped it off to its destination, followed by a few pictures Tem sent me from the wedding.
Hopefully i'll see more as they get through editing what i'm sure is a shit ton of wedding photos.



Hand dyed and beaded vintage lace, probably my favorite detail

Tem sent me a sample of her dress fabric to match the colors from, but i ended up using it as a band

The berries were actually added after a spontaneous instagram poll voted in their favor

Lots of feathers

I didn't have any pictures of my client before starting the piece, and therefore no clue what she looked like, so of course i was thrilled to see how lovely she was

So damn romantic

Seriously though, doesn't this look like the kind of wedding you'd love to get invited to?

More clients like this, please!

I've done other wedding pieces too, and i honestly can't say why i never got around to posting them, but i will do that. Post them.
They're on my website, of course, but that's not the same at all.
I should probably start by getting the pictures from my shop to my home computer, right?
Yeah, that'd be a good start.

Oh, and by the way, since we're on the subject of creativity, or lack thereof; i went to the fabric store today, bought some really pretty furniture fabric and some luxury velvet (really, that's what it's called) and had a nice talk with the manager who usually seems so grumpy.
I hope that fabric will turn into something pretty real soon.