Wednesday, July 27, 2011

These weeks on instagram

See what i did there? With the title?
I am not totally unaware of how long it's been, you know!

Click on the picture for a larger view (really, do it, this is tiny!)
(1. Cutting my insanely long nails made my heart ache... they were so friggin cool! 2. Pizza topping mix 3. Short, black nails 4. Old photo-booth pictures of me from the basement 5. Nyhavn 6. Pizza for one 7. A rare sunny day with ice cream at the cemetery 8. Finished wedding hat 9. Finished water color 10.  One of the most amazing things i found in my grandfathers apartment 11. Another grandfather find that now lives in the shop 12. More treasures and a very old picture of yours truly 13. RefshaleĂžen (you know, out by the flea market) 14. My grandfathers glass cabinet is now my craft cabinet 15. Ice cream with the besties 16. Pretty lantern from guess-where 17. Lucifer at the coffee shop 18. Tomato! 19. I just realized i already posted this, but my awesome Japanese boots deserve multiple mentions! 20. So does my bruised knee 21. Epic patch from Corey 22. Getting all emo before bedtime 23. A little craft project i'm working on 24. I'm reading Elfquest again, because old hobbies die hard 25. More patches; Wars and Trek! 26. Wedding wardrobe 27. Shitfaced on the floor much later that night 28. An epic amount of insta-followers 29. Allan and Masumi 30. Some sweet vinyl covers 31. Lucifer in his basket, waiting to go home 32. Me and Corey at a not so serious museum 33. At that same museum 34. Regular old armadillo 35. Not so regular sheep 36. A pasta dish that could have used some red)