Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grotesque burlesque part deux

We're back from vacation now.
And back to work.
I already did a tiny rant on the other blog, but it's really not too bad.
I've just really been hit hard by the no-summer depression, and being back to work and facing fall is just... so damn sad.
I'm in denial about it most of the time though, and that always helps.

But hey, even though everything sucks, fun stuff can still happen and on Saturday it definitely did!

Saturday was my second time at a Copenhagen Burlesque party.*
I'd like to say i was well prepared this time, but i am a last minute person, so i really wasn't.
But i got lucky and ordered some stuff online that actually showed up on time, and i managed to put together an awesome costume.
As an added bonus, Mille and Sofie had gotten similar costumes, so we matched each other perfectly.
It was pretty spectacular!

We met up on Friday at the shop, with us coming straight from the summer house, all messy looking, me with paint in my hair from helping my mom paint a ceiling.
The girls had brought along their costumes and i got the job of making hair accessories and alter dresses. As you can probably imagine, i didn't mind that one bit.
My own costume was more or less done, and at home, so i just kept my fingers crossed that everything would fit and work out as planned.

On Saturday we'd decided to meet and get ready at our place cause it's close to the venue, and because Allan could do a nice little photo setup in the living room.
We spent the afternoon doing our make up, getting dressed, eating sushi, drinking about two bottles of champagne, and taking a whole lot of pictures.
I believe i took some pictures at the party too, but i haven't transferred them yet, so for now i'll just share the ones Allan took.
They're way prettier anyway!
But there are a few shots from the party over on Christel's blog, so go check that out too.

Ok, hold on to your hats and laptops, cause this is gonna be a long post!

Our hair accessories, waiting to be worn

Mille had bought a ton of white make up, which was easy to apply on me, but not so easy on her very tanned "just-got-home-from-Greece" skin

Allan's accessories... obviously

My hair and this hat

Milles vintage feather wig

I guess we had some white wine too

About half way through the make up

Milles wedding bouquet

Putting on a wig cap

Sofies hair

Getting laced up and ready for pictures

Getting drinks for the shoot

First up was Mille; i'll spare you individual captions for these cause they're all just of her looking awesome anyway

Up next was... me!


And last one to strut her stuff; miss Sofie:

Oh, and this was taken while Allan tested the lights... if me and Mille ever get married, expect this to be our wedding invitation!

Our apartment just isn't cut out to be a photo studio, but we did manage to squeeze together for some group shots too

It's amazing how much fun it can be to have your picture taken, but when you're feeling comfortable and surrounded by friends, it really is hilarious.
I'd go so far as to say that the process of getting ready is half the fun of these parties.
And i love how we ended up matching each other this time, and apparently so did everyone else.
We got so many sweet compliments at the party, and for some reason, maybe because i looked like cotton candy, girls were so much nicer to me than usual.
More of that please!

Oh, what, you though i'd forgotten this guy?

Allan's costume was a last minute improvisation, but it totally worked... now, if only we could have somehow brought the antlers with us...

We also got a few family portraits taken with Lucifer
Maybe we'll actually do a Christmas card this year? It has been a while and these seem kinda perfect for that!

I'm leaving comments open on this one (i know, shocking!) cause i wanna ask you guys something:
what should our costumes be next time?
It's probably not gonna be for another six months, so take your time, but suggestions really are most welcome!
Also, i missed you guys, so even if you don't have any ideas, you're welcome to leave a comment just to say hey!

*See pictures of the first time here and here.


  1. Such cute outfits! I especially love the family portrait. You look so different as a blonde, I barely recognised you! Actually Matt just lent over and said who is that? haha. Ummm, as for costume ideas I have no idea, you guys rule at this. I am sure I would never come up with something as good. From me, Sam :)

  2. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions for your next shoot, but I just wanted to say Hi! and to tell you that this one was awesome! Especially loving your wee hat ;)

  3. I don't know what next, but Allan should probably be a unicorn. Have you seen Legend? He could be Tim Curry's Lord of Darkness! Those were the most epic horns I have ever seen. You could be Mia Sara... but except for when she was all locked up she was kind of a wuss :/

    Anyways, you looked amazing, and I hope you had a wonderful night! Your hat is completely beautiful. It looks like something straight out of a storybook.

  4. Christmas cards?! That's the best thing ever.

    So glad you opened the comments, I'm not really sure I understand the theme of these parties?? I'm no help. Evil girl scout? hahaha I don't know.

  5. -Thanks Sam! Not-me was exactly the look i was going for!

    -Madame G, thanks so much, i feel like i'm probably never gonna sell that piece as it's a little crazy, so i was happy to have an occasion to wear it.

    -Fawn and Flower, i have seen legend and yes, Allan as a unicorn... just yes!

    -nova, we did Christmas cards back in, like, 2007, and they were so good we haven't been able to top it since. But this may work! The theme is difficult, they have a lot of key words on the website, and you kinda can get an idea from those. Some people just showed up naked!

  6. no suggestions for costumes, but wanted to let you know how awesome I think you all looked, and how amazing Allans pictures are! these parties look so much fun :) x

  7. EEE!!! love the photos! I may be a bit biased because I think you're the most wonderful lady... but your costume is my favorite! I love your wig, dress, hat, everything! You did an amazing job on everyone's hair accessories.

    I think your Christmas card idea is top notch.

    I feel like I'm gushing...but I love it!

    Okay, I know I'm no where as creative as you... one idea could be something inspired from Game of Thrones. I'm also really down with Fawn & Flower's unicorn & Legend ideas. Fuck yeah.

  8. You all look so awesome! BOOBSSSS! (Jealous of those!)

    Haha, I saw the first family portrait, thought 'CHRISTMAS CARD!!!!' then scrolled down. I was pleased :)

    next time be vampire willow and the master :D (you are welcome.)

  9. -Grace, thanks a lot, they are awesome!

    -Vanessa, gushing is totally ok, appreciated even! I'd love to do something game of thrones inspired, that's not a bad idea at all!

    -samboy, i'm so happy you thought christmas card too, then i know it's a good idea. I don't know about the master, but vampire Willow could work within the dresscode i think... sometimes i wish this was more of a nerd dress-up party!