Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boudoir Bizarre

You guys, thanks for all the love on my previous post, i'm so glad you like the costume and Allan's pictures.
I already joined the party mailing list, and i can't wait to dress up again!

Ok, so our Saturday night, the one mentioned here and here in case you forgot (like i'd let you), started out with champagne at Dorthe's place on Vesterbro.
Allan was nice enough to give me a ride there on his bike, so i didn't have to walk there all of my burlesque-y spectalularness, and i was very grateful for that.
We spent almost two hours getting ready and taking pictures before heading to the actual party.
The event was sold out, and i gotta say, it warmed my heart to know that there are at least 300 people in this city who like to play dress up and get a little nuts.*
I honestly wasn't expecting that.
There was even a dude at the door screening peoples clothes, so no casuals could slip by.

The event space was gorgeous, an old theater basement, and the entertainment, although we didn't see all of it, was great (i could have done without the 1001 versions of "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" but that's probably just me).
There were so many cool costumes and fun people to look at; it was a true mecca for people watchers like myself.
All in all, a great event that i wouldn't mind going to again.
But my favorite part of the evening?
I haven't danced in so long, and it felt liberating to just go crazy on the dance floor (and at one point, a stage!) without worrying about etiquette or appearances.
It felt like a judgment free environment, where people actually look at each others outfits with curiosity and appreciation, and even in a supposedly open minded city like this, you don't come across many of those.
Oh, and i almost got me a gay sailor husband too! Not too bad.

Mille was wearing a vintage top hat (even the hat box was exquisite), h&m bustier (no, seriously, h&m), layered skirts and black pumps

 Dorthe was wearing a classic showgirl outfit in red and black with fishnet stockings, a dark wig, long gloves, and a feathered booty!
Sofie was in a slinky lbd, vintage hat and vintage fur stole,  fishnets and the ultimate accessory; the theater binoculars!

A slightly blurry group photo
Checking out the results so far
At the bar
Looking for hot sailors perhaps?
 From Mille's camera
 On the dance floor

 Another one of Mille's
Total divas

Around 3 am my feet started killing me and i could barely walk, let alone dance,so i figured it was time to go home.
The theater where the event took place is only a few minutes from our apartment, so i texted Allan and him and Lucifer came by to pick me up.
I ate a falafel on the way home, and fell asleep on the couch watching Eureka.
The perfect end to a great evening.

*Now, if your were expecting a bunch of pictures of 300 people in crazy costumes, i'm afraid this post will be a bit of a disappointment. I know pictures from this even are probably all over the internet by now, but posting pictures of total strangers in outrageous costumes without their consent just seems wrong to me.


  1. VIRKELIG fede billeder!!! Og smukke smukke damer!

  2. You girls looked great, must have been a fun night! :)

  3. Awesome costume honey! If only they were events like this in my part of England. I'd never tattoo though, I'd just be chilling in awesome clothes. Glad to hear you had a good evening anyway. Judging by your blog, all you ever do is work. Anywho, much love! Liam. x

  4. You all look so beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice night out, long overdue :) And I think it's cute that Allan and Lucifer picked you up. Gotta bring baby.

  5. hotness! looks so fun. makes me want to go put makeup on instead of my pajamas.

  6. Hella J, taaak!

    Corvid Delights, tantalizing! There's a word you don't hear enough!

    MinusAll, sure was!

    leehamhuntuh, i wasn't really aware that we had them here either until just recently. Maybe you'll find a costume party near you soon too!

    nova, thanks!!

    Fawn and Flower, they go on their night walk around that time anyway, so it made sense. And Lucifer was so surprised when he saw me in the street, so cute!

    alice, next time you visit, we'll go out!

    Uden Relevans, takker, også på de andres vegne!