Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another week on instagram

Oh yes, now i remember that thing i wanted to write about, but forgot in my last post.
It was Dream Apartment.
We found it.
Did i even mention that here?
I don't think i did?
Well, we found it, but it wasn't perfect.
Nothing ever is.
But we went to an open house one day to see it, and we both fell in love.
It was even better than it had seemed from the listing, and we were the only ones there which gave us lots of time to explore and ask questions.
It felt like home. It felt like it could very easily be our home.
But future-home had some serious flaws; some of them i had to figure out if i could live with, and others i had to try and change.
For weeks i stayed in touch with the Realtor and tried to work stuff out, but a few days ago i decided it was time to give up on it for good.
I'd realized some things that, if true, would be major deal breakers, and honestly, dreaming about living there, making a home in my head, but not actually having it happen in real life, was too hard for me.
Having a vivid imagination can be a curse.

The reason i was thinking about Dream Apartment that morning was because i'd left my book at the shop.
I don't usually read at work, but i was expecting a long day Friday, and decided to bring it just in case i had time for a chapter.
I didn't, as it turned out, but i'd taken it out of my bag anyway, and forgotten to put it back.
So i was lying there, listening to the thunder move on to other neighborhoods, and thinking about how easy it would be to just go to the shop and grab it... if i lived in Dream Apartment.
I'd take one of my many umbrellas, put on my rain boots and walk to the shop.
It would take me about 5 minutes, if i didn't grab a cup of tea on the way, that is.
While i was there i'd do a little work on the hat i'm making at the moment, and maybe bleach that bird skull i found in Bisserup.
I'd hang around for bit and chat to Eckel, and on my way home, i'd stop by the supermarket to buy food and dish-washing soap.
And then i'd be back home, and it wouldn't have taken hours.
I'd be home, and home would have a big, inviting kitchen and a bedroom so big i wouldn't stub my toes on the corner of the bed, or bang my shin against the dresser drawers, every damn day.
In my head i already bought a new couch.
Damn you daydreaming, you're breaking my heart.

Ok, enough complaining, back to the real subject of this post!
Or at least what the headline suggests would be the subject.

This week was mostly spent in Bisserup by the looks of it.
As you've already seen in this post, it was a pretty cold week, so i didn't get to spend nearly as much time outside as i would have liked.
But we had a nice little vacation anyway.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)
(1. Having a chai, wearing a dress my mom bought me 2. Flower pot at the shop 3. Allan at the cemetery 4. Blooming sunflower 5. On our way to Bisserup, Lucifer and basil in the backseat 6. My parents were throwing a party/concert when we arrived, not in our honor though 7. I do love waking up to this view, no matter the weather 8. Our beautiful homes 9. Dead shrew on the beach 10. Sunbathing mouse on a bench 11.My mom picked us wildflowers 12. Seriously love this so much  13. My reading buddy 14. Seagull skull on the beach 15. I used this fancy thing to make pizza dough 16. My dad was out playing a gig, so we invited my mom over for pizza 17. Rain attire 18. My dad and Lucifer taking a nap 19. Me and Allan shared the most giant, yet cheap, ice cream this part of the country has to offer 20. Windy 21. Me and Allan's home away from home 22. Reading up on how to build a dark room... yes, that's still happening 23. My vacation project: cross-stitch on an old sun dress 24. It rained all day on this day, not a single break 25. The big flower was done from a pattern, the rest i had to improvise 26. Removing the cross-stitch fabric took about two hours! 27. And done! It looks pretty good, actually! 28. The cheese-mobile comes by every few weeks, and my mom buys some every time.... ah, sweet country life!)