Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bright lights

This morning around 6 am, me and the rest of Copenhagen were woken up by a thunderstorm unlike any other we've ever seen.
The light was so yellow. I mean, not just the sky, but everything was yellow.
And the lightning came with just seconds in between them, and the thunder was deafening.
I shook Allan awake right away, and he was so shocked by the light that he wasn't even annoyed with me.
Our houseguest Adam, who had a plane to catch, was wide awake too.
It looked like the end of the world. Or at least what that looks like in my head.
Or a martian invasion in the style of our beloved War of the Worlds.
It scared me and i don't think i've been really scared of a thunderstorm since i was a kid.*
I started thinking about what it would be like to wake up like that, disoriented and a little scared, and not have Allan and Lucifer lying next to me.
That would be the worst.
I've been thinking more about death and loss than i usually do because a dear client and friend of Nick's died last weekend, too sudden and too soon.
We're going to his funeral tomorrow.
There's just nothing fair about that.
This morning, i thought about his girlfriend and their baby.

I just read on the news that after the crappy, rainy weather this weekend, the temperature is gonna drop drastically, and that'll be the end of summer.
What summer, right?

There was something else i wanted to write about, something that kept me awake after thunder had passed, but i can't seem to recall what that was.
Instead, here are some mixed pictures from the last week or so.

Nørrebro's water got contaminated by poop bacteria, and for 5 days we had to use bottled water, or boil tap water twice, at the shop

My workroom and a hat in progress

I made a shadow hippo by accident while waiting for my tea to steep, and was so excited about it that i yelled at Allan across the shop to come take a picture (he seemed impressed too!)

Adam got attacked by Gary, the newest member of the Conspiracy Zoo of the Dead

A sunny moment on the way to work

Vintage eBay dress

And of course, socks in heels

More progress...

A fantastic postcard from Nova that made my day

Sorry for the gloomy post.
I'm actually in an ok mood today, compared to many other days during this complete shitbomb of a summer.
Right now i am dying my hair, and tonight we're seeing Arcade Fire.
Oh, and Lucifer is sleeping with his rat toy as a pillow next to me.

*Back then they terrified me. If i was at school and i heard thunder, i'd hide under a table. It's a wonder i wasn't teased more that i was.