Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Thursday night...

I haven't worn make up in a long time.
Weeks probably.
At first it was because of sheer laziness.
Then it was my newfound hay fever.
And now? Now i don't even know.
Back to laziness... or maybe i'm daring myself?
Maybe it's the same kind of dare that's responsible for the fact that i haven't tasted coffee in about 15 months?
Just to see if i can keep it up?

Whatever the case is, it's getting a little ridiculous, so it's a good thing we're doing this again soon.
It's about time i dress up all fancy, try that make up thing again, and make an effort to look, you know, pretty.
I bet my mascara is all dried up.

Oh, there's an interesting twist to the story; my intrigued husband is coming with me this time.
I'm not gonna influence his wardrobe choice in any way, i generally don't, so it should be intersesting to see what he'll come up with.
I bet he'll look dapper no matter what!

Not good, not bad, just me

My dress for the wedding still hasn't arrived, so today i brought my backup dress (i.e.: just a dress i found in my closet) to the shop and replaced its busted zipper.
So, technically i do have something to wear if it doesn't show up. But i'm still hoping.