Saturday, May 28, 2011

This week on instagram (and also, see you later)

Yes, it would seem like this feature is here to stay.
At least i hope so, as i am rather enjoying it myself.

I've been feeling not great ever since last Friday, and because i'm a worrier, it's starting to worry me a little.
But there's not much to be done about it, as i'm not really sick enough to see a doctor, and i'm leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow anyway.
I hope i can sleep on the flight, and wake up in a new country, feeling like a new person.

Click picture for a bigger view
(1. A rare, jogger-free moment by the lakes 2. A hat i sold at the shop on Tuesday 3. Trek helps when i'm not feeling well 4. English breakfast tea with steamed milk in a WotW mug 5. Wonderful vegan breakfast at Eckel's place 6. More Trek in bed
7. Hat progress and some good, old hip hop tunes 8. My plants are doing so well i almost feel bad about leaving them 9. Eckel's ice cream this morning
10. A not-a-hat project 11. After a night out with the gang 12. My bike and my oxfords after a rainy ride home from work)

I hate that there are no pictures of Corey, and Sarah who's visiting from Berlin, but i'll have to try and fix that tomorrow before we leave for the airport.

As usual when i travel, i don't really know what my internet situation is like until i get there, but i will blog while i'm there, somehow.
Maybe not as frequent as this week (did you all notice just how frequent the posts have been? hella frequent!) but i will blog.
I even packed my camera, so there might be something other than shitty iphone shots, for a change.

Nice and light, just the way i like it


  1. have a fantastic trip!
    sad it's not portland you are visiting. boohoo. though i'd pick hong kong over portland myself.
    love you guys!

  2. Hong Kong sounds good to me! Have fun :)


  3. Oh snap! I fly tomorrow to copenhague to get tattoo by eckel and i was really looking forward to meet you and allan.. kinda sad but maybe next time.. Enjoy your trip Hong Kong is great