Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food, friend, and foe

On Friday we had our second barbecue night of the year.*
We had lots of good food, good company, and generally had a great time, but of course i went and got sick.
I can never remember how much i've shared with you about my various illnesses, so i won't get into too much detail, but by now it's probably no secret that me and food have a complicated relationship.
That totally sounded like i have bulimia or something, didn't it?
Well, i don't, but what i do have is bad enough.
However, i haven't had any complications in a long time, and when things are going well, like they have been, i tend to get careless and forget about my condition all together.
And so, i got ill, and it really sucked that i had to go and ruin a nice evening like that.
But up until it got bad, it was good. And also, i have some good people in my life who take good care of me.

We moved everything outside, and i gotta say; much better than eating in the kitchen

After dinner, Allan got some slightly Satanic thumb tattoos by Eckel

I decided to join the fun too, only hand poke style instead... i may show you the result once it's healed

The trip home, however short, was awful, but when we got home, Allan put some Star Trek on the computer for me and i eventually fell asleep watching that
I'm feeling better now, but still, it was quite the wake up call.
I have to start putting some more thought into what i eat, and i definitely need to find a way to get more regular exercise now that living room work outs are not an option.

*I blogged about the first one on the other blog, so if you read that too, you may have already admired our fancy new grill.


  1. ihope you get well soon !!! also best wishes and greetings from Bernadette ! live long and prosper ! :)

  2. Ah sorry to hear you got sick! I have very sensitive stomach too and I know what does it mean. Get better soon :)


  3. oh dear, i hope you feel better soon!

    stomach issues are never nice. my family have IBS and I'm hoping I don't develop it as I get older. I will though, knowing my luck.

    Have some nice mint tea with honey, it'll help you feel better :)

  4. igl, thanks you guys! LLAP to you too!

    Kamelia, thanks a lot, it's always so nice to hear from people who can relate.

    ELECTRIC PICK, yes, i can. I am also a great eugoogoolizer.

    samboy, fingers crossed you won't! And tea really is your go-to solution for all of life's issues, right? But i agree, mint is pretty good!